Central Feeding System

Everything You Need to Know About Central Feeding System

What is the central feeding system

The central feeding system is an overall solution for customer’s whole plant, realizing central conveying and central controlling, and continuous unmanned forming production. It is designed according to matching locale conditions in the customer’s plant with consumption of raw material, and the special requirement for auxiliary equipment.

With the development of plastic industry, the central feeding system has been widely used in injection molding workshop. It is adapted to automatically control for all machine consumption units, then realizing 24 hours of continuous feeding and production. Multi small computer controls the coloring process of forming machine separately. Measure correctly and mixed evenly. They can change color flexibly to meet the requirement of multi-color and multi-variety of products. Based on the different capacity of forming machine, the feeding quantity will change accordingly. It can perfectly realize the specific requirement for raw material’s transportation, dehumidification, drying, color matching, dosing, and mixing. Equipped with multiple monitoring and protection function, the central feeding system is safe and reliable and is the core precondition to realize unmanned industrial manufactory.

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Working principle

Central feeding system uses vacuum delivery way . Transfer the plastic material from storage tank to central dehumidifying system by centralized pipe system. Then transfer these dried material to injection molding machine. Central feeding system is adopted to the design way “one machine, one pipe , sealed circuit “ to  ensure the whole system to operate stably and prevent the plastic from humidifying once again. It works with central drying machine and make sure the drying air to dry material once more. Hence, it will prevent the dried material to become moisture. At the same time, cleaning the transport pipe after the each conveying circle to make sure without defective material in the pipe. Avoiding the plastic material return to moisture, meanwhile, it also ensures the consistency of material added to injection molding machine. Under the action of vacuum negative pressure, the dust in the plastic material will be filtered through filter system, which is helpful for improve the product quality.


For central feeding system, it is composed by central control station, dust collector ,raw material distribution station, central filter, central vacuum hopper, sensor hopper , hopper dryer,blower , cutting valve and proportional valve. It also includes dehumidifier, vertical mixer and volumetric doser. Because of central feeding system, factory can save raw material & labor cost, save space ,keep clean and reduce maintenance cost. Therefore, the product quality will be improved and company image improve accordingly.

Below is one of our central feeding system drawing

  1. The central control station is controlled by SIEMENS PLC, through program to control the system of dust removal , conveying ,alarm and other works.

Thefunction is powerful and perfect.System possesses highly expansion , support up to 36 pc main engines’ conveying ,easy to maintain, low rate electrical trouble , save maintain cost . Conform to European standard ,safe operation, humanized operation interface and easy to understand.

For central feeding main machine, motor use non-stop design to avoid start-up frequently to bring waste. Meanwhile , loading safety relief valve to protect motor when the main engine pressure is too high and exceed the secure setting .In addition, two feeding main machines will be used alternative with automatic switching to keep material delivery stably. Increasing the material control screen to monitor the abnormal phenomenon of material used ,suction ,shortage and motor for molding machine.

  1. About the raw material distribution station, the features as below :

Flexible design, quick joint is convenient for choosing the best diameter of dosing.

Central  distributor and matched joints could improve system efficiency.                               

Firm,durable and long service life                      

Change material quickly and conveniently

Material selection is made of by stainless steel to avoid pollution of raw material

The work of SCCS series central raw material distribution station is to distribute raw material to  relevant storage tank. For distribution station ,there are five specification. The matched quick joints is convenient and easy to load and unload. It adopts to use stainless steel to avoid material to pollution.

blog image
  1. For central filter, we use SCSF series and it uses large-scale filter to filter dust and tiny impurities in the raw material, which can protect blower effectively and extend the service life .

Automatic  spray cleaning and dust removal function, can spray filter timing and effectively, then will reducethe times of manual cleaning . Equipped with broken vacuummembrane valve to effectively protect the fan and improve the speed of raw material transport.

Model Max air volume(m3/min) Inlet diameter(Inch) Capacity of the dust collection bucket (L) Dimension(mm)(HXWXD) Net weight(kg)

SHR-US series sensor hopper is the necessary equipment for the central feeding system . The hopper is divided into vacuum hopper and sensor hopper. About the vacuum hopper, it can be played in hopper dryer directly and the suction action is controlled by reed switch. For sensor hopper, it can be put on forming machine directly and the opposite type photoelectric switch control the action of suction . All plugs use Euro-standard and conform to European safety standards, with built-in vacuum diaphragm valve, which can be matched with central vacuum generator and central control station to progress feeding and transportation systematically.

  1. For series of SCVG central vacuum generator  which is provided the vacuum(negative pressure) power for raw material conveying .

This equipment use high-pressure blower or Longtech blower as to the power core, has the advantage of not easy to damage ,powerful suction , long service time and so on. It can guaranteethe continuousdeliver material. In addition, this series can offers 11 different power models , the maximum up to 15 HP to meet different system application. During the operation of system,  the start of blower is controlled by central control station controls, at the same time, matched with European vacuum hopper ,central filter and other equipment to achieve the goal of automated raw material conveying.

Model Power(KW) Suction pipe diameter(inch) Dimension(mm) Net weight(kg)
1110X420X650 / 1110X495X650
1110X420X650 / 1110X680X650
1220X460X700 / 1220X513X700
1220X460X700 / 1220X690X700

This series owns Europeanized appearance design, stable performance. Open-type support frame, easy and safe to operate & maintain. Safety valve design to protect the blower when overload . With European plug to make sure safe and reliable to use.

Siemens High pressure fan is optional (Not include SCVG-0.5/S);

European standard safety circuit type will have  “CE” label behind.

Manufacturer profile

DongGuan YuBang Precision Machinery  Co.,LTD is a manufacturer in auxiliary machines of injection molding machine. We are located in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China . Traffic is convenient. We have over 15 years experience in this industry, and we insist on the quality is the first with sincerely service, some of our products own several patents. Our products includes industrial chiller, dehumidifier dryer, mold temperature controller(MTC), hopper loader, vertical mixer, plastic crusher(granulator),conveyer and so on. Except for that, we also afford spare parts ,such as band heater(nozzle heater),sliding slot for injection molding machine, mould clamp etc. In addition, We have equipped with various kinds of advanced and professional manufacture and testing equipments. We have already owned certain reputation after years of joint effort and some excellent customer at home and abroad, such as :  Philip, TTI.

We own a group of experienced and professional workers, most of them worked in Yubang more than 10 years.At the same time, all of our staff keep learning and keep innovating.  During these years , we supported many factory to build the central feeding system . See below one of picture.

Yushine Products Image

We believe with the common efforts of all us ,Yubang precision is to be the unquestioned, first choice of customers when they need Temperature Control Solutions for process heating and cooling in the future. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our factory.

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