Ceramic Band Heater

Nozzle Band Heater for Extruder Injection Molding

Yushine is a specialized manufacturer in ceramic band heaters. We could make all dimensions  as your requirements.

  • Ceramic Barrel Heater Band
  • Ceramic Barrel Heater Band

Ceramic Barrel Heater Band

Yushine High-Temperature Ceramic Band Heater utilizes mica sheet, stainless steel sheet, as well as resistance wire/ strip. They can be made to be many different dimensions as your requirement. Yushine electric ceramic band heaters are designed for temperature operating applications.

Yushine mica band heaters are mainly used for Plastic Processing machinery. The plastic heater provides the ideal combination of high impassivity & good thermal conductivity, and physical strength, to heat cylindrical parts. And the external heater temperature is approximately 400F while the operating temperature can get up to 1400F.

  • OEM/ODM design as requirements
  • Energy saving with steatite ceramics
  • Nozzle Band Heaters are coiled with Cr20Ni80 wire
  • Wide range of voltage from 110 to 480V
  • Both single and three phases are available



High Operating Temperature Applications

Ceramic Band Heaters are a cost-efficient and reliable heat source for many industrial applications, such as injection molding, blow-molding, plastic extrusion machines & die heating.

They have also suited to food tables & warming equipment as well as a variety of packaging machines such as cap-slitting devices or sealing systems. In addition, these efficient heaters can be utilized by granulators or film-blowing machines tasked with producing goods from plastics materials;

Energy-saving Ceramic heater

Ceramic heating bands are used to heat cylindrical surfaces, generally clamped around the barrels of plastic machines. The heater consists of stainless steel housing surrounding isolated stacked ceramic tiles and powder consumption can be reduced by 25-30%. Yushine top ceramic heaters have a wide range of dimensions, design types as well as voltages to meet your needs.

Your Reliable Ceramic Band Heater Manufacturer

Yushine has a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service for customers. To ensure the accuracy of each heater, we kindly request clients provide us with voltage and watt details when inquiring about our products – all dimensions are customizable as well as specialized drawings upon request. Additional features such as connection methods, lead wires terminals & boxes also require attention to detail in order to achieve optimal results!

Quality control is essential; Yushine does 100% product testing before shipment. your purchase will last up to one year backed by an experienced service consultant too!

Come with us by email or call!

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