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Dehumidifying Dryer

YushineDehumidifying Dryer series is consisting of 2 in 1 dehumidifying dryer and 3 in 1 dehumidifying dryer. SDD series dehumidifying dryers combine dehumidifying and drying systems into a single unit. SDU series compact dryers combine the function of dehumidifying, drying, and two-stage conveying into one single unit.

  • Features honeycomb rotor for dehumidifying, ensuring continuous and constant low dew-point.
  • Under ideal conditions, it can provide lower than -40℃ dew-point dehumidified air.
  • SCD series has semi-open and hermetic structures.
  • Heat preserved drying hopper barrel adopts down blowpipe design and collocates with cyclone air exhaust to avoid heat lost and improve drying efficiency.
Dehumidifying Dryer Series Good Quality

Yushine dehumidifying dryer is designed to eliminate moisture in the plastic material before they can be processing. Each model can combine dehumidifying and drying functions into a single unit. The insulated humidified dryer features dryer air down-blowing and cyclone exhaust design. Additional features of our dehumidifying dryer it is an integration dehumidifier dyer with the two steps conveying the form which is to compact the design which is floor space savings and mobile.

We offer various models of these dryers, all of which can be ordered online. For additional details, contact our team freely, as we’d be happy to help you. Yushine is a professional manufacturer and supplier of dehumidifying dryers with over 15 years of experience. 1-year warranty, Lifelong maintenance and any feedback will response in 24 hours. Yushine dryers should 100% trial run and follow the quality control system strictly.

Send us your requirement, we will offer you quotation as soon as possible.

Optional dew-point meter with real-time display of dew-point detected. With recyclable and resettable filter to make sure the honeycomb is not contaminated. Equipped with Micro computer control, adopted P.I.D temperature control and LCD touch screen and dew point monitor as optional

ModelDimension HxWxD(mm)Weight(KG)Process Blower (kw)Drying Heater(kw)Capacity ( L )Regeneration Blower(kw)Regeneration Heater(kw)Air Flow
Conveying Blower(kw)Hose Size(inch)SMH Hopper(L)SVH Hopper (L)

Dehumidifier Dryer

The SDD series consists of two functions: dehumidification and drying. It is widely used in various plastic materials, especially engineering plastics with strong hygroscopicity, such as: PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc. Up to -40°C dew point. This series of products use the SD-H series of honeycomb dehumidifier with down-blowing all stainless steel insulation drying drum combination.


ModelDimension H*W*D(mm)Weight(KG)Process Blower(KW)Drying heater(KW)Capacity ( L )Regeneration blower(KW)Regeneration heater(KW)Air flow(m3/hr)

Yushine Drying and Dehumidifying Manufacturer

Yushine is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Drying and Dehumidifying forever 15 years of experience. Our company has passed ISO9001 international quality system and most of our products have passed CE certifications. We Always optimize supply chain management, by on-time payment, and cost control.

Through our excellent supply chain management as well as timely staff training, we could provide our drying and Dehumidifying with favorable prices and good quality.

  • All the electrical appliances are used Schneider or Siemens and
  • The key components have also come from reliable manufacturers.
  • All of our machines go through a series of quality control checks and a 100% trial run before delivery.
  • If you have interesting in our plastic auxiliary equipment, feel free to contact us!


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