Fast And Efficient Shredding For Your Plastic Industry

One of the essential operations in the plastics manufacturing industry is shredding scrap plastic. The cost of maintaining your plastic production line can be prohibitive and unproductive, leading to considerable losses in efficiency because of frequent stops.

A high-quality, fast, and efficient plastic shredder that’s easy to use. It provides continuous operation to ensure that all the work on the line is consistently top-notch. It also has an easy to read digital display that you’ll find helpful for figuring out the machine’s functionality.

A large hopper keeps a large quantity of plastic at the ready without it having to be emptied into the machine.

What Is Plastic Shredder?

A plastic shredder is a powerful machine that cuts plastic materials to the demanded size. It is one of the best alternatives for recycling and manufacturing plastic waste.

Plastic Shreeder

The quality of the plastic shredder determines its durability, quality, flexibility and efficiency in the recycling process. Plastic shredders are also used to manufacture plastic products like buckets, pipes and containers.

Types Of Fast And Efficient Plastic Shredder

The industrial shredder for plastic is one of the most valuable machines today. The fast and efficient plastic shredder is available in three types based on crushers’ working methods. Such as follows:

1. Claw Blade Plastic Shredder

Claw blade type plastic shredder with many crushing teeth can produce various pieces of plastic after crushing. For example, the material section of the sole shoe head and thick plastic products are suitable for reuse.

Claw Blade Plastic Shredder

The power level range of this type of plastic shredder is from 5HP to 50HP. This claw blade plastic shredder has superior processing capacity and easy operation.

2. Flat Blade Plastic Shredder

An industrial shredder for plastic with a flat metal surface is perfect for smashing away a wide range of relatively thin materials. It includes film bags, plastic bottles, and blow molding parts.

Flat Blade Plastic Shredder

You can select the power of this shredder up to 50HP. It is a flat knife style plastic shredder with super sharp plastic shredder blades that are durable and easy to replace.

3. Flake Blade Plastic Shredder

The flake blade can crush all kinds of plastics and is a rugged, high-quality material to ensure long-lasting use. It is also lightweight, easy to use, and can easily crush pipes and medium-sized sheets.

3.Flake Blade Plastic Shredder

Flake blade plastic shredder is a popular choice for the different plastics industry because it can crush plastics even more evenly than standard models. Its speed is also fast, and the output is high.

Which Things Can You Shred In Plastic Shredder?

Some things that you can shred with a fast and efficient plastic shredder are given in the picture below:


Table of content:

  • Tannery Waste
  • Plastic Films
  • Car Bumpers And Fluff
  • Catering And Ship Waste
  • Rubber Tyres
  • Paper And Cardboards
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Electric Cables
  • Plastic Drums
  • Plastic Pipes And Bottles
  • PP Ropes And Latex Mattress

How does Plastic Shredder work?

Industrial shredder for plastic operates on a working principle similar to individual shredders.

Step 1: You have to plug in and switch it on properly. You then need to add the raw material.

Step 2: You should put the raw plastic inside the machine through the inlet. The material is then transferred to the shredder viaduct, which is crushed. The blade shaft of the motor ensures high torque and constant velocity.

Step 3: The shredded plastic pieces fall into the lower tray, and you can collect all these shredded materials from the collection chamber.

Is It Worth Using Plastic Shredder?

When you’re looking for a fast and efficient plastic shredder, there are specific benefits that you need to know. These benefits help you know what they are and how you can choose the right one.

· High-Quality Plastic Shredder Blades And Bearings

The plastic shredder has high-quality blades for large capacity. Blades in plastic shredders are made from carbon steel and are durable to deliver long performance. The plastic shredder spins the blades at high speed to break down your plastic materials into smaller pieces.

Moreover, bearings in the plastic shredder play a critical role in ensuring the machine’s smooth operation. So they can be recycled more effectively.

· Overload Protection Motor

Overload protection is a safety that triggers when the motor is overloaded, stopping it from overheating. It can be constructive in a plastic shredder where you work with very thick and tough materials and smaller items that can get trapped in between the blades.

Overload protection also protects people from injury by stopping the machine if it begins to vibrate abnormally or make a strange noise.

· Less Noise Interface

The sound of an industrial shredder for plastic makes by the powerful motor used to rotate the cutting blades during shredding. That is why it needs a baffle to reduce noise production. The baffle means that soundproof plates are installed on both sides of the machine’s crushing chamber.

It prevents unwanted noise from being emitted into the outside environment not to disturb workers nearby.

· Blade Cleaning System

The shredding process will produce a lot of plastic residue on the blades. The plastic shredder machine cannot work correctly without the best blade cleaning system. A blade cleaning system cleans the cutters and ensures that the plastic shredder returns to optimal performance.

A system for cleaning the plastic shredder blades does not just remove the residue of shredded material and prevents jams and potential injuries.

· Sturdy Design Of Shredder

The sturdiness of a shredder is indicated by its ability to stay in shape while shredding rigid cardboard and plastics. The retractable adjustment of the plastic shredder blades shreds the plastic waste box into small pieces of uniform size. It enables easy transport and convenient storage, preventing pollution in landfills.

A sturdy design can increase the endurance of the industrial shredder for plastic and improve its safety and durability.

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