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Yushine Plastic is a one-stop solution for a premium quality film crusher machine in China. These machines are made from top-grade metal and can be customized according to different needs.

  • Build with protection system
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low noise film crusher
  • SGS, CE, ISO certified

YuShine Injection Film Crushers

Film Crushers are machines used to process plastic film waste materials. This makes polystyrene, PET, PVC, PP PE film, and other recyclable plastics into small plastic scraps. It utilized powerful motors and strong cutting blades to crush plastics accurately in size.

Our range of film crushers is accessible in a variety of sizes, capacities, and specifications.  We can produce film crushers suitable for higher volumes of plastic materials. Our team supplies all types of crushers perfect for your needs. These product lines are designed and produced in full compliance with the quality standards such as SGS, CE, ISO, and more.

If you have a specific request, no need to worry! Our team is skilled and professional in this industry. We can help you in the entire process from initial design, prototype, production, and shipping of your orders. Contact us now!

Our Wide Range of Film Crusher

The most suitable cutter for film crusher from Yushine (1)

  • Flat Blade Plastic Crusher

    Film crusher for waste plastic film recycling Film crusher machine is a major recycling machine for recycling of waste plastic films, for example, LDPE/HDPE/PP package filmsWith a good film crusher machine, It can ensure the steady and continuous working in the waste plastic recycling plant for good economic benefits.

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Film Crushers are easy to operate with automated functions. It is designed with large torque and provides high output.

Extreme Durability

Made from high-grade metal materials specifically designed for making blades and other parts. Film crushers have compact and strong constructions.

Low Energy Consumption
Low energy consumption

Get an automated low energy consumption crusher specially designed for recycling film at Yushine. It offers long life and is easy to clean.

Cost Effective

Yushine provides film crushers at a low cost. You can get your ROI with this superior machine made according to your specifications.

Custom Specifications

Yushine Plastic company can custom film crusher according to your specifications. We support OEM and ODM requests for your film crusher machine needs. You can request a custom design, color, voltage, dimensions, power, blade material and size, specific applications, and more.

Our team can assist you in film crusher development, prototype, production, shipping, and after-sales service. Just submit your specific drawings or concepts immediately. We have a skilled and professional R&D team, experienced project management, and a production team that adapts in-house manufacturing, and strict quality control.

Custom Specifications


Film crusher is available in many popular models. These are suitable for different applications and output purposes. A plastic film crusher is ideal for smashing:

  • Polystyrene
  • PVC plastic
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • PET bottle
  • Hard plastic sheet
  • Pellets plastic, containers
  • Defective plastic products, etc.

Compact Structure

The heavy-duty construction of plastic film crusher machines guarantees a stable and longer service operation. It typically consists of durable components such as:

  • feeding hopper
  • driving motor
  • driving motor
  • rotor with rotating blades
  • stationary blade crushing chamber
  • mechanical units for hopper and screen changing,
  • metal machine frame
Compact Structure

Why Choose Yushine Plastic Film Crusher

Why Choose Yushine Plastic Film Crusher
Plastic Film Crusher

For your film crusher need in China, you can trust Yushine Plastic. We have focused on manufacturing film crusher machines for more than 15 years. Through our advanced automated production line and state-of-the-art technique, we can create innovative and high-performance machines efficiently.

Our team sources the best metal material and components to produce powerful machines. These are compliant with ISO, SGS, CE, and MA certifications and provided with 12 month warranty. It undergoes strict testing and quality control procedure. Thus, you can guarantee that you receive a film crusher here with long service life and durability.

Our range of film crushers has a strong construction, low electricity consumption, and is easy to operate. It withstands long use and constant service conditions. The blades are powerful and stable. These offer a low noise operation and are easy to clean.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to message us today! We support OEM/ODM requests to skyrocket your business. We have a cooperative service team willing to support you 24/7.

Film Crusher Advantages

You can benefit from our excellent quality Yushine film crusher. It ensures the safe and effective crushing of plastic products. Made from quality metal, it is durable and corrosion-resistant.

    • Long Service Life
    • Low noise and low dust
    • Perfect function
    • Easy to clean
    • Low maintenance
    • Lightweight
    • Ensure excellent performance
    • Compact design and accurate size

Yoshine Film Crusher is applicable for a broad range of industries such as:

    • Hotels
    • Building Material Shops
    • Food & Beverage Factory
    • Machinery Repair Shops
    • Garment Shops
    • Manufacturing Plant
    • Energy & Mining

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Plastic Film Crusher

You can benefit from our excellent quality Yushine film crusher. It ensures the safe and effective crushing of plastic products. Made from quality metal, it is durable and corrosion-resistant.

High-Speed PE Film Crusher

High-Speed PE Film Crusher is used for size reduction of plastic film materials.  It is manufactured with a safety limit switch, strong bearings, and the main rotor compliant with the dynamic balance testing.

Film Crusher

Low noise movable film crusher is manufactured from premium parts such as gear, PLC, gearbox, bearing, motor, etc. It crushes film plastic and the final product size is 1-10 cm. The chamber is fabricated from 40 mm thick solid steel.

Custom PET Bottle Grinder Machine

Custom PET bottle grinder machine is designed with 75kw motor power, 10mm thickness of screen mesh and provides 1000kg/h output. It delivers low energy consumption with good quality.

Film Crusher Manufacturer

More About YuShine Film Crusher

ModelMotor Power(KW)Motor Power(HP)Rotary Cutter(PCS)Stationary Cutter(PCS)Crushing Chamber(mm)Crushing capacity (kg/h)DimensionWeight(KG)


  • Yushine is the right manufacturer if you’re looking for a trusted Film Crusher supplier in China. They supply hundreds of machines efficiently with quality. They help our company customize our purchases. Thank you, Yushine Plastic!

  • Yushine is the right manufacturer if you’re looking for a trusted Film Crusher supplier in China. They supply hundreds of machines efficiently with quality. They help our company customize our purchases. Thank you, Yushine Plastic!

  • Yushine is the right manufacturer if you’re looking for a trusted Film Crusher supplier in China. They supply hundreds of machines efficiently with quality. They help our company customize our purchases. Thank you, Yushine Plastic!

What is a Film Crusher?

Film crushers are primarily used to break down waste plastic films. It crushes plastic materials of various shapes such as agricultural films, package films and bags, greenhouse films, plastic shop bags, vegetables, and tobacco mulch films, fresh-keeping bags, handbags, vegetables, and tobacco mulch films, vest bags, and more.

The final product is small plastic scraps, ready and efficient for recycling. These machines consist of a stationary blade crushing chamber, feeding hopper, driving motor, rotor with rotating blades, safety switches, mechanical units for screen changing,  hopper, and machine frame.

How Does the Film Crusher Work?

Film crusher shreds or crushes plastic film materials into smaller objects. These scraps can be reprocessed or utilized for various purposes. The film crusher’s operating principle is that the motor forces the rotor in the crushing chamber to spin at a high speed. The plastic material reaches the crusher cavity. It will be smashed by the pressure of the hammer’s powerful speed movement.

What Objects Cannot be Shredded with Film Crusher?
  • Metal materials
  • Cans or containers with liquid inside
  • syringes and needles
  • blood glucose meters
  • Objects containing mercury
  • Household harmful waste such as herbicides, pesticides,oil-based paint, etc.
How to Feed Film Crusher?

There are 2 ways of safely feeding a crusher. It includes using a forklift or by conveyor. A forklift or conveyor can transport bulk heavy materials.

What are the Types of Film Crusher?

The often utilized film crushers include blade crushers, hammer crushers, combination crushers, and more. It is made from different materials, shapes, and designs. These crushers can be used to process a variety of plastics.

  • Blades Crusher– This is a multifunction crusher that processes films, rods, wires, tubes, plastic profiles and fibers, waste rubber products, and more. It has 2 rotors, the active and fixed rotor. Designed with several teeth on each rotor. The small scrap of crushed materials can be utilized directly for extruder or injection molding. Blade crushers are widely used in the recycling plastics industry. To adjust the size of crushed pieces, the distance between sieve plates and rotors can be modified.
  • Hammer Crusher– advanced crushing equipment produced by metal. It exhibits environmental protection, energy-saving, and high efficiency. It is easy to operate and maintain.
What are the Care and Maintenance of Film Crusher?

Keep a fundamental knowledge of the film crusher and obey the manufacturer’s directions. The plastic film crusher can be used for a prolonged period and is effective in operation with proper maintenance. Below are some of the techniques you should know:

  1. If there is a power problem while using the plastic crusher, the machine will automatically stop. It needs to restart to continue functioning.
  2. To prevent mechanical damage inflicted by overload starting, the machine should be turned on for 2-3 minutes prior to feeding.
  3. The granules must not be too big. Otherwise, they will not crush properly.  It will become stuck in the crushing mechanism.
  4. The screen must be kept neat and tidy as possible. If it is found to be obstructed by pollutants or iron filings, it must be cleaned immediately. This will prevent burning out the copper wire and overworking the motor.
  5. Inspect for iron filings in the crushing chamber after a period of use. Eliminate them promptly to avoid excessive wear of vulnerable components such as bearings and knife holders. The crusher room, hopper, screen, and blades can be uninstalled for cleaning and can be mounted easily after maintenance.
  6. Every 4 hours, stopped the operation for about half an hour for regular monitoring and repair. It includes the fastening of nuts and screws at each section. It should be inspected often to guarantee that no screws are loose or missing.
Why Choose Yushine Plastic for Your Film Crusher Needs?

Yushine Plastic has rich experience in developing advanced film crushers. For more than 15 years, we recognized as a leading manufacturer and create long-term partnerships with clients from South America, Western Europe, Africa, North America, and more. Some are the reasons cooperating with them is worth your time, effort, and investment:

  • Follow quality and customer-first policy
  • All products are compliant with CE, SGS, ISO, and more.
  • Undergo strict quality control and testing
  • In-house manufacturing and mass production
  • Provides high-quality film crushers at reasonable pricing
  • Offer full customization based on your needs
  • Excellent technical and engineering support
  • Manufacture a wide range of ideal machines for plastic recycling
  • Source the high-quality metal and other components
  • 24/7 online assistance
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