Premium Flat Belt Conveyor Manufacturer in China

YuShine manufactures flat belt conveyors that are widely used for power plants, ports, manufacturing plants, and other industries. All our flat belt conveyors are manufactured with a simple structure and low noise operation.

  • Low power consumption
  • Large transportation capacity
  • Low horsepower
  • Can be customized according to your needs

YuShine Flat Belt Conveyor

YuShine has been the leading flat belt conveyor manufacturer in China that offers high-quality, high-performance, and durability. It is designed with a built-in conveyor cleaner, low horsepower, and corridors for maintenance and inspection. We also guarantee conveyor rollers that are produced through YuShine’s special roller production line.

We have sourced high-quality motors and components from famous brands such as Siemens, Yutong, WEG, and more. Thus, you can assure its efficiency in every performance and application. Our flat belt conveyors are inclinable to fit every on-site condition. We manufacture each flat conveyor belt according to your specifications.

For your flat belt conveyor needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Adjustable Incline Belt Conveyor

We offer adjustable incline belt conveyors with stainless steel or aluminum alloy body and structure materials. Its belt material also includes rubber, PU, or PVC. A screw can be used for adjusting the height.

Stainless Steel Motorized Belt Conveyor

YuShine manufactures flat belt conveyors made from a stainless steel material that is suitable for food industry. It features corrosion resistance, smooth-running operation, transportation planning, food-grade belt, and more.

Fixed Flat Belt Conveyor for Gravel

Our fixed flat belt conveyors also used for cement industry. It is suitable for conveying sand, gravel, and more. These are designed with simple structure, low breakdown rate, can adapt to different condition, and easy to move special wheels.

Vertical Belt Conveyor for Material Transportation

Our vertical belt conveyors that are used for material transportation are designed with adjustable slope. These are also made from stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and more. Its length, height, and with are customizable.

Industrial Transfer PVC Belt Conveyor

YuShine is a supplier of industrial transfer PVC belt conveyors that are made from stainless steel and heat resistant. These are also manufactured with low power consumption features, customizable sizes, and adjustable slope.

Stainless Steel Motorized Belt Conveyor

All our stainless steel motorized belt conveyors are manufactured with simple structure, large throughput, small weight, easy to maintain, and high price ratio. These also provide stability and easy operation.

Why Choose YuShine Flat Belt Conveyor

Simple Structure

We offer flat belt conveyors that is designed with a simple and compact structure that are easy to maintain. These also consume less energy and low cost.

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Adjustable Speed

The speed of our flat belt conveyors is also adjustable based on your desired application. You can choose between variable speed and fixed speed.

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Superior Material

At Yushine, you can choose a flat belt conveyor with stainless steel, aluminum, or iron body material. Conveyor material options also include PVC, rubber, and more.

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Optimal Feature

We manufacture flat belt conveyors with optimal features such as cold-resistant, heat-resistant, food-grade, low horsepower, and adjustable slope.

Optiona Configuration of a Flat Belt Conveyorl

Here at YuShine, we offer a flat belt conveyor with a wide range of optional configurations. Among our optional configurations offered are the following.

Driving Device. You can choose from our extensive range of driving devices such as:

  • Single motor drive
  • Multi motor drive

Frame Structure. Our flat belt conveyors are available in different frame configurations including:

  • Floor-type
  • Rope rack hanging type

You can also request a specific configuration for your desired applications.

Optiona Configuration of a Flat Belt Conveyorl
Materials for Flat Belt Conveyor

Materials for Flat Belt Conveyor

Our conveyor belts are made from different materials depending on each application. Among our materials are the following:

Metals including stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc. Belt conveyors made from metals are suitable for bakery, de-watering, and more.

Rubber. This is the most common type of conveyor material and is widely used for packaging, aggregate, and non-food applications.

Fabrics including neoprene and poly belt are commonly used for specialty applications because of its oil resistant nature.

We can also manufacture flat belt conveyor according to your desired materials.

Different Components of Flat Belt Conveyors

Our flat belt conveyors are available in different components such as:

  • DC drive
  • Extremity diameter
  • Stainless steel plates and lateral guides
  • Custom conveyor belts
  • Belt support and timing belt
  • Fastening plate
  • Inclination, and more

YuShine can provide you complete components and accessories that are customizable according to your needs.

Different Components of Flat Belt Conveyors

Yushine – Your Reliable Flat Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

Yushine – Your Reliable Flat Belt Conveyor Manufacturer
Yushine – Your Reliable Flat Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

Yushine has over a decade of providing customers with the best flat belt conveyor for different applications. We offer a wide range of flat belt conveyors such as mobile belt conveyors, inclined belt conveyors, horizontal belt conveyors, etc. All our flat belt conveyor comes with high-quality components sourced from famous brands around the world.

Yushine can manufacture flat belt conveyors according to your requirements. We offer flat belt conveyors from simple installations, integration, and complete system designs. Our machines have helped industrial, pharmaceutical, food, and more industry in an efficient bulk dry goods moving.

Yushine offers the optimal solutions for different applications with high-speed levels. Send us your inquiries today!

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YuShine Flat Belt Conveyor Application

Ship Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading ships require crucial mobility. Thus, we manufacture flat belt conveyors with adjustable height according to he height of the ship. We have customized solutions for both loading and unloading processing to meet every requirement.

Automated Line Assembly

Yushine offers custom-designed flat belt conveyors for different assembly operations. Our flat belt conveyors that are used for automated line assembly are integrated with high-quality pallet, plastic belts, hinges, sliders, and chains to meet innovative computerization.

YuShine Flat Belt Conveyor Features

Bulk Materials

We manufacture flat belt conveyors that are widely used for handling wide variety of bulk materials. It is suitable for granular and another fine material handling. These are designed with variety of lengths making them ideal for coals, cement, stones, rocks, and more applications.

Luggage Transport

Yushine offers customized solutions for airport operations. Thus, providing efficient and fast luggage, cargo, or package movement. To meet every airport specification, these are designed with safety, silent operation, reliability, and ease of maintenance.


Our Wide Options of Flat Belt Conveyor

We manufacture high-quality roller bed conveyor that is widely used for applications that requires moving of materials over long distances. These conveyor belts are specifically designed with reduced friction. Therefore, it is also suitable for materials that are loaded by gravity. It is composed of rollers that match the speed and weight of the products to be moved.

Vertical Belt Conveyor for Material Transportation

Our assembly line flat belt conveyor are economical, cost-effective, and practical choice for different applications. It features modular design that makes transporting and maintenance very easy. These are also designed with reliable operation, low noise performance, safety features, adjustable legs, wide application scope, lightweight, fast installation, and adjustable conveying speed.

Green PVC Flat Conveyor Belt

Our green PVC flat conveyor belts are manufactured with improved quality, excellent material selection, and rigorous craftmanship. These are widely used for food packaging, textile, machinery, and more. It also features wear resistant and anti-static.

White PU Food-Grade Flat Conveyor Belt

We manufacture white PU food-grade flat conveyor belt with customized thickness, belt type, color, and layer. It features oil-resistance and high performance. These are widely used in the food industry because of its food-grade materials.

Food-Grade Portable Flat Belt Conveyor

Our food-grade portable flat belt conveyors are made with superior quality, customized, and good stability motor. Its belt is made from PVC material that features wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, and not easy to deform. The conveyor has exquisite appearance made from aluminum profile that are not easily deformed, has durability, and easy to install.

Variable Speed Mini Flat Belt Conveyor

Yushine variable speed mini flat belt conveyors with body made from stainless steel and carbon steel materials. The belt of the conveyor is made from PVC, rubber, and more. Its belt thickness is up to 3mm. You can purchase our variable speed mini flat belt conveyors with fixed conveyor speed.

Premium Flat Belt Conveyor Manufacturer in China

Yushine – Your Reliable Flat Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

Yushine – Your Reliable Flat Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

Width of beltmm300400500600
Length of conveyormm1500/2000/3000/4000/5000
Height of higher-endmm800-1500
Height of lower endmm800-1200
Length of planemm400400500500
Belt descriptionPVC material /2mm  thickness /green color/Heat resistance -10 degree ~+80 degree /Anti-static, wear resistance, oil resistance
Power sourceAC220V50/60Hz
Power capacity0.2KVA
  • “Yushine is my no.1 source of flat belt conveyor for my project. They always provide me with high performance and the machine only has a low power consumption. Thanks to your team, I am able to boost my project.”

  • “Yushine is always a trusted flat belt conveyor supplier. The machine is very durable and made from high-quality materials. The design is also professional looking and has a beautiful appearance.”

  • “Yushine is a reliable flat belt conveyor manufacturer. They let me customize each conveyor machine that I purchased. From sizes to lengths, thickness, and widths, all details are exactly followed. Thank you Yushine!”

What Materials are Conveyed by a Flat Belt Conveyor?

A flat belt conveyor can convey different materials such as:

  • Filled cartons
  • Electronics
  • Soap and detergent bars
  • Unit loads
  • Powder pouches
  • Agricultural bags and sacks
  • Agricultural produce, and more

What Industries Does a Flat Belt Conveyor Catered?

Most flat belt conveyors are commonly used for different industries including:

  • Warehousing
  • Soap and Detergent Processing Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive Assembly Shops
  • Agriculture Processing

What are the Common Materials Used for Flat Belt Conveyor Construction?

The flat belt of the conveyor is commonly made from PVC or rubber. Its belt finish can be inclined, food-grade, grip surface, or low friction. On the other hand, its frame construction can also be made from stainless steel, zinc coated steel, mild steel, aluminum, iron, powder coated stainless steel, and more metal materials.

What are the Driving Methods of a Flat Belt Conveyor?

A flat belt conveyor commonly uses a different driving method. Below are the most common driving methods.

Friction/Negative Drive

This is the most common method used in a flat belt conveyor. However, it requires more drive adjustment and maintenance for heavy applications. Since more weight can trigger more wear, slippage, and strain on the belt. For sanitary applications, it takes more work since the tension should be removed.

Positive Drive

Positive conveyor drive uses a direct force rather than a friction to move the belt. The direct force is achieved when the recessed notch drives with the cogs. This driving method doesn’t need a tension to operate. Therefore, adjustment is not required making it easier to clean.

What is the Drive Placement of a Flat Belt Conveyor?

The drive of the flat belt conveyor is commonly placed at the head or the discharge. A flat belt conveyor can perform can perform at its best when the drive is placed at the head. However, for special applications, the drive is located at the tail. Drivers can also be installed at the middle of the belt.

What are the Pulley Types Used in a Flat Belt Conveyor?

Drive pulleys used in a flat belt conveyor are installed wider at the center of the conveyor. Most common pulley types are the following:

Standard Pulley

It can be configured in many ways to handle slack.

Crowned Pulley

This a common pulley used in a flat belt conveyor for receiving raw product such as potatoes.

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