Separate Vacuum Loader
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  • 900G Hopper Loader
  • Photo Sensor Hopper

Separate Vacuum Hopper Loaders YAL-UG

Yushine standard separate vacuum loaders are applied for long-distance conveying with high power, free-flowing pelleted materials, regrind, and dust. we typically utilize a two-stage vacuum pump. The vacuum pump operating generates the vacuum so that the granules are sent to the hopper with the flow of air under negative pressure.

Yushine single Vacuum hoppers consist of 2 parts: floor-level vacuum systems with blower, filter, and controls, and separate receivers mounted on the hopper/ injection, extrusion, or blowing machine.

  • Microcomputer-controlled alarm system for overload and lack of material
  •  LCD touchscreen controller is available for higher request
  •  The inductive high-pressure vacuum pump features a reverse automatic dust removal
  •  European design copes with a vacuum-breaking function to Prevent the blower from frequent start or stopping. so as to lengthen the life span.
  •  High-quality electric parts from SIMENS/Schneider ensure stable performance and reliability.
  •  Full stainless steel hopper to ensure no material contaminated


Boost your injection molding efficiency with our Hopper Loader.

Efficient Material Conveying

Boost your injection molding efficiency with our Hopper Loader. Specifically designed to enhance material conveying, our solution ensures a smooth and consistent supply of raw materials to the molding machine. Simplify your workflow, reduce waste, and accelerate production timelines.”

Improved efficiency: The hopper loader’s high-speed conveying ensures a quick and efficient material handling process, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Customizable design: Our hopper loader can be customized to fit your specific injection molding machine and production requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

If you are interested in learning more about our Hopper Loader for Injection Molding Machine, please contact us for more information.


The Hopper Loader for Injection Molding Machines is widely used in various industries such as automotive, packaging, medical, and consumer goods manufacturing. It is suitable for injection molding machines of different sizes and types, making it an excellent addition to any manufacturing facility looking to improve its material handling processes.

Overall, the Hopper Loader for Injection Molding Machine is an essential accessory that can significantly improve the efficiency, productivity, and quality of injection molding processes.

Two-stage Conveying
High Power Autoloader

Streamlined Automation of Material Conveying

This European series of Yushine’s vacuum loaders for plastic pellets is crucial for three-phase feeding power. All models of this series require stainless steel tanks to maintain the temperature. A high-pressure motor is the core component and increases the lifetime of the machine. EEPROM memory in the microprocessor helps save the data for a long period. It also contains a bivalve proportional body. High power autoloader is unique due to filters styled with cyclone baffles. Also, it is capable of pairing with weigh-batching mixers or masterbatch machines for automated material feeding. Once connected to the injection molding machine, it ensures seamless, automatic material conveying. Moreover, its flexibility allows for one-to-two or one-to-four material supply configurations, catering to diverse production requirements.”

Conveying Capacity(Kg/h)45059082010001300
Loading Distance(m)55566
Static Tank Volume (L)28002800320042004500
Static Wind Pressure(mm/H,o)7.512243030
Conveying Tube Inner Diameter(mm)φ38φ51φ51φ63φ63
Specification Of The Attached Hoses(mm)φ38mm×8m 1Pcsφ51mm×10m 1Pcsφ51mm×10m 1Pcsφ65mm×15m 1Pcsφ63mm×15m 1Pcs
Dimension(cm) 主机Main Frame47*42*12847*42*12847*42*12865*53*14065*53*140
Approx.Net Weight(kg)656890135140
Conveying Capacity(Kg/h)440500590
Loading Distance(m)445
Static Tank Volume (L)240024002400
Static Wind Pressure(mm/H,o)7.5*27.5×312×4
Conveying Tube Inner Diameter(mm)φ38φ38φ51
Specification Of The Attached Hoses(mm)φ38mm×8m 4Pcsφ38mm×8m 6Pcsφ38mm×4m 8Pcs
Approx.Net Weight(kg)555866

Separate Vacuum Hopper Loader

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