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Hot Air Dryer

The energy-efficient hot air dryer can be used for drying most non-hygroscopic materials, such as PS, PP, ABS, etc. The maximum drying temperature can reach 160℃

In addition, multiple optional components are available that can recycle the hot air dryer and filter the iron impurities in the material, which also can be installed on the ground with the floor stand.

  • Adopt high-quality electrical components like SCHNEIDER or SIEMENS to make its performance more stable.
  • Equipped with the all-copper silent fan to ensure the efficient operation of the fan, can continuously provide wind energy to the electric heating tube
  • The optional energy-saving heating rod can save energy up to 30% effectively.
  • Cyclone dust separator, exhaust air filter, magnetic base, N-type floor stand, suction box, hot air recycler, storage hopper are optional.
Hot Air DryerGood Quality

Yushine hot air drying hopper is ideal for plastics processing and works in an efficient fashion by continuously dispersing hot air evenly throughout the hopper. We offer various models of these dryers, all of which can be ordered online. For additional details, contact our team freely, as we’d be happy to help you.

Yushine is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the hot air drying hopper with over 15 years of experience 1-year warranty, Lifelong maintenance, and any feedback will response in 24 hours. Yushine dryers should 100% trial run and follow the quality control system strictly.

Send us your requirement, we will offer you a quotation as soon as possible.


  • All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to eliminate material contamination.
  • Hopper separated from its base, ensuring convenient cleaning.
  • Controller with LCD display to display and be controlled conveniently.
  • Adopts heat-insulated blower to prolong blower life span. 24 hours auto start/stop timer and double insulated hopper are available as options.
  • Cyclone dust separator, exhaust air filter, magnetic base, N-type floor stand, suction box, hot air recycler, storage hopper are optional.
Weight(KG)Heating Power(kW)Process Blower(kW)Capacity(kg)

Yushine Leading Hot Air Dryer Manufacturer

Yushine is the professional enterprise of the domestic brand in plastic & rubber auxiliary machinery fields like a hot air drying hopper. We have many project cases with large-scale companies such as TTI, PHILIPS, Delonghi, Dorel Juvenile, and so on.

Since Yushine has over 15 years of experience in this industry. We assure you that all of our hopper dryer products are tested and certified in productions.

  • Yushine has passed the ISO9001 international quality system and most of our products have passed CE certification.
  • All the machines are a 1-year warranty, and any feedback will response in 24 hours.
  • Strong abilities in developing and designing new machines which have passed patents for easy operating.
  • * Short-time delivery, and many products are in stock.
  • YushineConcepts of “quality first, customers first, the credit first”.

Hot Air Dryer | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Hot Air Dryer FAQ Guide is a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions about this device.

It covers a wide range of topics on hot air dryers, including what is hot air dryer, what materials you can dry using this dryer, what is the working principle of this dryer, what are the main parts of this hot air dryer, the uses of this device and much more.

You will find almost all the type of information that you are looking for in this FAQ guide. Continue reading to uncover the remarkable information on this incredible drying equipment.

1 What Is Hot Air Dryer?

A hot air dryer is a machine used to dry a product. It forces heated air onto the product and circulates over it while forcing the moisture away.

Hot Air Dryer is an important component of plastic processing machinery. It is used to remove moisture content from a wide range of raw material and resin & it is important for producing a final quality product and maximizing productivity.

Hot Air Dryer

A hot air dryer is used to dry non-hygroscopic and slightly hygroscopic plastic materials. There is no desiccant present inside the hot air dryer.

With precise temperature control, the machine guarantees the temperature difference within +/-1℃ to avoid over-drying or uneven drying. The machine has a clear indication of temperature for easy operation.

A sensing phase protection device and leakage current detection device are installed inside the motor to reduce fall accidents caused by circuit overloading or electric shock.

The maximum temperature for drying operation using a hot air dryer is 1600C. The hot-air dryer is the most commonly used and economical drying device.

2. How Does A Hot Air Dryer Work?

The working principle of a hot air dryer is simple and easy to understand. The ways how it works is as follows:

At first, the material you want to dry with a hot air dryer is filled into the hopper of the hot air dryer. Then you need to set the drying temperature at which you want the desired plastic material being dried.

Working Hot Air Dryer

The temperature range varies from material to material, depending on material size, moisture content, etc.

A hot air dryer utilises ambient air. The air gets into the dryer and first passes through the air filter to remove any impurities if present in the air.

This filtered air then goes to the blower. The blower forces the air to flow through the entire system. After passing through the blower, this air makes its way to the air heater and then enters the hopper by passing through the channel.

The air heater raises the ambient air temperature at the set level. After entering the hopper, this air passes through the material, thus taking up excess moisture within the material.

The high humidity air then bleeds through the system through a flow control damper, and this way, the process continues.

3. What Material Can You Dry through Hot Air Dryer?

Different materials exist that you can dry using a hot air dryer. Some of the main materials include:

Materials Hot Air Dryer

Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene (PS) is a synthetic aromatic hydrocarbon polymer made from monomer styrene. Polystyrene can be solid or foamed. Polystyrene or PS is a lightweight, rigid material with good insulating properties. Polystyrene is conventionally used in packing and containers, electronics, toys and many other applications. Hot Air Dryer is a mandatory requirement because you can produce even high-quality products from PS through proper drying with this machine.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a non-toxic, extremely popular and widely used thermoplastic polymer that exhibits good mechanical and chemical resistance and high rigidity and toughness. A hot air dryer is beneficial in producing Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). The purpose of drying the material before feeding it into the extruder is to avoid any moisture-related problems in the melt, affecting product quality.

Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer made of propylene monomer and is one of the most important injection moulding products widely used. It must be dried before moulding to protect the physical properties of the plastic from degradation by moisture. This is where a hot air dryer serves its purpose. Its properties include partially crystalline and non-polar, but it is slightly harder and more heat resistant.

4. What Are The Main Parts Of Hot Air Dryer?

Several parts make up a hot air dryer. The main parts of the hot air dryer include:


The hopper is a conical vessel used to store raw material (powder) where this material is being dried with hot air further The Hopper is one of the important working parts of dryer equipment. It has a very large influence on the operation of the equipment and effective reduction in energy consumption.

Ambient Air Filter

In a Hot air dryer, the air is passed through the filter to remove all the moisture content, dust and smoke particles. The ambient air drawn by the blower is pre-filtered to ensure consistent, clean conditions and low turbidity at the process level. Easy to replace and clean, this filter will also decrease maintenance costs by extending motor life and keeping your dryer running smoothly.

Air Blower

In Hot Air Dryer, Air Blower play an important role in forcing the air throughout the system and in uniform distribution of heat all over the surface area to be dried. It comprises a fan driven by a motor. The blower ensures high quality dried end products.

Air Heater

An Air heater is a device used to warm the air in a hot air dryer. Air Heater is the important source used for heat supply for other components, and also it is directly related to the drying capacity of hot air dryers. The air heater uses a heating filament powered by electricity, and you can control the temperature of the heating filament, thus controlling the temperature of the air.

5. What Are The Technical Specifications Of Hot Air Dryer?

The numerous specifications of hot air dryer are as follows:

Sr. No.Product Weight (KG)Heating Power (kW)Process Blower (kW)Capacity (kg)
1Hot Air Dryer403.3 /3*0.1225
2Hot Air Dryer453.9 /4.2*0.1250
3Hot Air Dryer554.2 /4.8*0.1275
4Hot Air Dryer706 /6.6*0.12100
5Hot Air Dryer756.6 /7.2*0.12150
6Hot Air Dryer1008.4 /9.6*0.18200
7Hot Air Dryer1209.60.18300
8Hot Air Dryer165180.55400
9Hot Air Dryer17019.20.55500
10Hot Air Dryer240210.55600
11Hot Air Dryer280241.1800
12Hot Air Dryer300321.11000


The specifications vary for different models. You can choose one just depending on your needs and requirements. If you have a greater production capacity, you can choose a hot air dryer with greater drying capacity to cope with rising needs.

6. How Stainless-Steel Material Contact Surfaces Eliminate Material Contamination And Ensure Longer Life Of Hot Air Dryer?

Stainless steel is an alloy that contains a high percentage of iron and the addition of chromium. Stainless steel can resist corrosion, staining and rusting due to its protective oxide film formed on the surface of stainless steel. They are resistant to high-temperature conditions.

Materials Hot Air Dryer

Almost every part of the hot air dryer is made of Stainless Steel. The important components of the Hot Air Dryer, i.e., Hopper (Drying Drum), Distribution Channel, Suction Box, Exit and Air Inlet Chamber, are all made of stainless steel.

Moreover, this also allowed people to be confident enough to use these materials regardless of their purpose. They were constructed with stainless steel, which would last longer even if exposed to damage.

It has high corrosion resistance and wears, making it harder for harmful microbiological organisms to grow on the surface.

7. How LCD Display Of Hot Air Dryer Provide You With Visible Controls?

LCD Display is a construct of Liquid Crystal in a thin and flat monochrome display. LCD Display works on the principle of blocking light rather than emitting light.

LCD Display consists of a wide range of visible control over panels. Most importantly, it gives you a direct visual perception of the dryer’s status and is very easy to use during operation.

LCD Display is a screen to display information such as setting temperature & time, adjusted settings and estimated drying time, remaining drying time and other programmed functions.

LCD Display remains constant under all lighting conditions and offers a high contrast ratio. It has wide viewing angles that enable good visibility for the user and allow for more intuitive use of the device.

This display is covered with tempered glass four times stronger than normal glass and is highly resistant to scratching and shock. You can change the desired parameters such as increasing or decreasing the temperature, changing the drying time etc., directly through the touch of a finger. No professional skills are needed to operate it properly. Everything is on the screen.

8. What’re The Applications Of The Hot Air Dryer?

Several industries make use of hot air dryers. These industries, along with their applications, are as follows:



The Hot Air Dryer has numerous applications in the Sports industry. The sports industry is responsible for providing services, products, and experiences to amateur, collegiate and professional athletes. A hot air dryer is used to dry the raw plastic polymers to ensure high-quality plastic sports products, including net, goal posts, protective jackets, gymnastic mats, headgear and much more.


A hot air dryer in the plastic packaging industry is very important, and it has a critical impact on quality and productivity. Every small change in moisture content of manufacturing material affects the overall production line. It is used to dry the polymers, including PS, PP, ABS used in manufacturing disposable cups, glasses, food containers etc.


The automotive industry is important and most growing, demand for automobiles is increasing every day, and it has become difficult to meet the demand with limited resources available. The vital importance of the Hot Air Dryer in the plastic Automotive industry is that it’s useful for drying the plastic products or eliminating the excess moisture on a variety of plastic resins used in making dashboard, door covers, engine equipment, etc.

9. What Are The Features Of Hot Air Dryer?

Several features associated with Hot air dryers make this product stand out. Some of the key features are as follows:

  • The drying rate is relatively high.
  • Maintenance cost is low, and running cost is less.
  • Can dry some different materials because of very short residence time.
  • Uniform outlet product quality, the dryer is not easily damaged by foreign material or overheating due to short drying times and efficient heat transfer.
  • Some other features of Hot Air Dryer include Easy Push Button Operation so that you can operate the way you want.
  • Auto Timing: Once you set the time, you don’t need to worry about changing the time you use it.
  • Auto Temperature Control adds up to the safety of your hot air dryer and prevents it from being damaged.
  • Features double insulated hopper protects your operation and efficient drying by preventing heat loss.
  • N-type floor stands to support the entire structure of the hot air dryer.

10. Where To Buy Hot Air Dryer?

There are several ways to buy a hot air dryer. Some of the main ways are as follows:

You can buy either online or offline locally. Buying online prevents you from visiting every manufacturer and asking for prices for each model.

You can directly search on google about the specific hot air dryer and filter out some popular manufacturers. The hot air dryer from yushine is the best. Chinese manufacturers are popular in meeting the quality standards and using high-quality materials in manufacturing.

You can visit their websites to find the best hot air dryer. You can see their products and compare the prices of different manufacturers. You can further sort out the best manufacturer by comparing the prices.

Reading the previous customers’ feedback will help you further evaluate the manufacturer. Once you have selected the right manufacturer, you can set up an online meeting.

You can talk about price negotiation, delivery time, and whatever you think is of keen importance in the meeting. After the meeting, you can better decide if you will buy the hot air dryer or not.

Once a decision is made, you can check out, and your delivery will reach out to you within a few days directly on your doorstep.

11. What Is The Difference Between Hot Air Dryer And Dehumidifier?

Hot air dryers and desiccant dehumidifiers are two important machines used in plastic. They have advantages and disadvantages, but they can all serve the purpose of drying.

A hot air dryer circulates the hot air throughout the material using a heating filament. On the other hand, a dehumidifier absorbs the moisture from the circulated ambient air throughout the material.

Dehumidifiers use desiccant material that has great water capacity, like silica gel. Some manufacturers make dryer models by combining the function of a hot air dryer and dehumidifier to increase the drying efficiency.

Both these dryers play their role in preventing these issues in various industries so that their importance cannot be ignored.

12. What Do You Mean By Hs Code For Hot Air Dryer?

Hs Code is used for hot air dryers. Hs Code is important for International Customs Control. Hs Code is also called harmonised code, which is used in international trade. For example, a hot air dryer may use 85141000 as an HS code, the classification number.

Commercial enterprises often need to trade goods internationally. When products are shipped from one country to another, customs authorities must assess a tariff that the importing party pays. The commercial trade system that customs departments use is the Harmonized System Code (HS).

It usually comprises 8 digits. You can also access the data, including some units, price per unit, total quantity ordered, date and time of shipping etc. It better facilitates the efficient management of inventory.

13. Which Plastic Industry Processes Require Hot Air Dryer?

Several processes make use of a hot air dryer. Some of the main processes include:

Injection Molding

Injection Molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. It works by injecting heated material into a mould to form the desired shape.

A hot air dryer plays a major role in any injection moulding facility. The hot air dryer is very useful for removing the moisture from the various materials used in injection moulding, such as PP, ABS, PS etc.

Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion consists of a raw plastic material, called resin, being melted and formed into a continuous profile. The extrusion process involves heating the material and then pushing this softened material through a die. Extrusion produces pipe/tubing, weather-stripping, fencing, deck railings, window frames, plastic films and sheeting, thermoplastic coatings and wire insulation.

In the plastic industry, the resin can be affected by moisture. Suppose the material is fed into a molding or extrusion machine with a lot of moisture. In that case, the resulting product may have a plethora of surface problems, including but not limited to: short shots, air-entrapped bubbles, sink marks, brittleness and surface abrasion.

14. What Is The Purpose Of Daily Weekly Timer?

The Automatic Timer in a hot air dryer is a turnkey programmable timer. This means that after programming the daily times or weekly times, all you need to do is press a button, and the drying cycle will start automatically.

The Daily Weekly Automatic Timer allows you to preset times to turn the machine on and off automatically; it is very convenient if you do not want to operate it manually every day.

A machine that will automatically shut off is crucial for preventing those nasty fires that can result from leaving your machine unattended.

The automatic timer prevents over-drying, which helps in saving more energy and money. This can also be used to dry a small and large volume of resin material using its auto timing feature. The time duration can be adjusted based on the volume or weight of the various plastic resins.

15. How Hot Air Dryer Boost Energy Efficiency And Productivity?

Energy efficiency and productivity are two big daily issues that keep many business owners concerned. They both play a vital role in the success of your business.

In an industrial process with drying technology, the moisture content of the industrial product is a key factor that determines the quality. The higher the moisture content in the industrial product, the poor will be its quality.

Thus, it is important to remove moisture from it to obtain good quality of the industrial product and make it best suitable for consumption. A hot air dryer here serves this purpose.

You can dry a lot of material quickly and efficiently by using this technology. The double-insulated hopper and low energy consumption design make it possible. All the hot air heat is consumed in drying up the targeted resin material.

16. How Hot Air Dryer Contributes To Evenly Drying?

Uniform/even drying is simply the even distribution of heat (temperature) and residence time needed to dry the material (moisture content) while in the hopper, using a heated airflow.

The hopper’s design is designed so that heat gets distributed very uniformly that not a single particle of resin or polymer remains undried.

Even drying is very important to prevent the rotting of plastic scraps for further consumption. Even drying through a hot air dryer is beneficial because it produces more consistent quality and more value addition is visible in resin properties.

Even drying is important for most plastics to create uniform shrinkage during the manufacturing process. This helps prevent warpage and distortion in the finished product.

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