How to Choose Water Cooled or Air Cooled Chiller?

Yushine is a company that has specialized in manufacturing and supplying industrial chillers for more than 15 years and has been able to build a good reputation for itself by supplying quality products that have helped to solve various solutions. The primary difference between air-cooled and water-cooled chillers lies in condensation.

Starting with air-cooled chillers, these utilize finned condensers. Their advantages include simpler pipeline connections, easy integration with main pipelines, and convenient subsequent movement in conjunction with the main unit. Maintenance of finned condensers is relatively hassle-free, mainly involving regular cleaning of accumulated dust. However, the drawbacks of air-cooled chillers include slightly higher noise levels during operation due to the fans and generally higher individual unit costs compared to water-cooled chillers.


Moving on to water-cooled chillers, these use shell-and-tube condensers and require an external connection to a cooling tower. The advantages of water-cooled chillers include about 20% stronger cooling performance at the same power level compared to air-cooled chillers, primarily because water has a higher heat exchange efficiency than air. Additionally, water-cooled chillers operate more quietly and do not affect the surrounding air temperature. The disadvantages stem from their high water quality requirements; hard water can lead to scaling inside the condenser, necessitating more frequent and costly maintenance. Water-cooled systems also require the purchase of an additional cooling tower and have more complex pipeline connections.


For those prioritizing easier maintenance, air-cooled chillers are preferable despite their higher individual costs and slightly weaker cooling performance at the same power level. However, choosing a slightly more powerful air-cooled chiller can compensate for this performance gap. Air-cooled chillers, which are larger, can be placed outdoors. In areas with good water quality, water-cooled chillers are a suitable choice, especially for customers who already have a cooling tower, as this reduces operational costs.

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