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Mini Belt Conveyors

Mini belt conveyors are becoming a staple in large industries. Most warehouse and industrial plant owners are always looking for ways to handle products and boost productivity safely. One of the ways includes using mini belt conveyor systems. This equipment is helpful to manufacture companies, scrap yards, and even small airports.

Mini belt conveyors are small and space-saving. They are ideal for moving small parts and lightweight items efficiently. Because of their size, mini belt conveyors are a perfect solution for industries with limited space.

This adaptable equipment may be small, but it promises big performance. With a low-cost design and lightweight properties, the mini belt conveyor is a wise investment for every warehouse and industrial plant to improve productivity affordably. Also worth noting is that it can easily be integrated with robot arms.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step of automating and modernizing your industrial plant, consider mini belt conveyors and all the benefits they promise.

Mini Belt Conveyors Good Quality

Good quality mini belt conveyors are:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • From a reliable company
  • The right size and design
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Require little to no maintenance

Besides the fact that good quality mini belt conveyors help improve human labor, many other reasons make it an essential tool in any work environment that requires the transfer of items from one place to another. Some of the benefits of using good quality mini belt conveyors include:

· Reduced Labor Costs

Mini conveyor belts break vast workloads down into minor activities. Conveyor systems optimize and reduce the need for human labor. They reduce labor costs by doing things faster than a human worker would. It can also help human laborers work more efficiently. In addition, reduced human resources will help save on record-keeping and supervision costs.

· Effectively Utilizes Work Floor Space

Mini belt conveyors at the site will utilize the space more efficiently. Smaller belt conveyors make the place look and feel more organized. They also give you enough room to maneuver around.

· Increased Productivity

Workers using belt conveyors need to do tasks repetitively. This will translate to working faster because they’ll become experts on using the machine best over time. If everyone is comfortable using the mini conveyor belt, there will be an increase in productivity, teamwork, and better coordination.

· Reduces Accidents and Mistakes

Ergonomic work positions ensure laborers work comfortably. Because of this, the people behind the mini conveyor belt can work longer without taking breaks in between. In addition, frequent and consistent use of the conveyor belt means fewer mistakes and accidents will occur.

Furthermore, modern mini belt conveyors are less likely to carry the risk of injury and mechanical failure. With the boost in labor efficiency, you will need fewer employees to man the floor, reducing monitoring duties.

· Unlimited Transport Opportunities  

Mini belt conveyors provide unlimited opportunities for businesses to transport things from one point to another. A company that consistently transfers multiple items within the worksite would benefit significantly from belt conveyor systems.


We create several models of mini belts ideal for different length conveyors. We make the belt from high-quality PVC with a thickness of 2 mm. It offers excellent heat oil and wear resistance. The model widths range from 300 to 600 mm.

Our belt conveyor is a marvel of engineering made with high rigidity aluminum structure beam. This adjustable equipment has a strong structure promising long-term service. It is easy to run with a standard robot connector. The speed is adjustable, and it comes with a protection grid facilitating safe operation. Finally, our belt conveyor is foldable with wheels, saving space in your facility.

The main parts of the belt conveyor include:

  • Filter
  • Band heater
  • Screen
  • Sliding slot for injection molding machine.

The belt conveyor qualifies for a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance as part of the plastic auxiliary equipment. Like other plastic auxiliary products, we test them before delivery to ensure everything runs smoothly and is ideal for your business needs.

The plastic auxiliary equipment conveying series is essential for transporting goods in factories. By offering a quick and steady transfer, companies can maintain production stability while reducing processing costs.

Width of beltmm300400500600
Length of conveyormm1500/2000/3000/4000/5000
Height of higher-endmm800-1500
Height of lower endmm800-1200
Length of planemm400400500500
Belt descriptionPVC material /2mm  thickness /green color/Heat resistance -10 degree ~+80 degree /Anti-static, wear resistance, oil resistance
Power sourceAC220V50/60Hz
Power capacity0.2KVA

Yushine Leading PVC Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

Mini belt conveyors are ideal for many automated processes in different industries. However, they’re best known for helping transfer items from one place to another.

Incorporating mini belt conveyors into production and manufacturing sites will make work processes faster, smoother, and more efficient. They’re perfect for business operations that constantly move materials.

Yushine is the leading plastic injection molding service in China. We provide industries and manufacturing plants with plastic processing auxiliary equipment. We also offer support with injection molding spare parts.

YuShine Plastics knows what makes a good quality mini conveyor belt, and one can’t go wrong when you choose our operational plastic auxiliary products. They are ideal for plastic processing industries such as injection molding, extrusion, film blowing, and hollow molding.

Our products and parts are high-quality and ideal for companies aiming for better processes for their industries. Our goal is to help your establishment increase productivity at a little cost. For this reason, we strive to remain affordable because our dedication is to the clients.

And managers don’t have to worry about learning because we also offer customized training solutions for the plastic processing auxiliary equipment. So do not hesitate to consider us if you are a plastic injection molding service provider or extrusion company in China.

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