Injection Molding Temperature controller

Yushine is your one-stop-shop solution for oil or water type mold temperature controllers provide different modes or powers to meet your different needs with various voltage standard and high-temperature models are available
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Overheating and overload protection
  • product basic features and advantage

Product Basic Features and Advantage

The maximum temperature for heating is 300°C. Both the oil temperature controller and the water temperature controller have heating temperatures that can reach 200°C.

Stainless steel tube heater: The mold temperature controller’s heaters are all made of long-lasting, high-quality stainless steel. A Yushine mold temperature controller may be used for both water and oil heating. Microcomputer temperature controller: Yushine brand mold temperature controller device has a clever digital temperature controller. Small design with comprehensive protection devices: Each mold temperature control unit has a compact design and full protection devices.

The mold temperature controller’s heaters are all made of high-quality stainless steel, have comprehensive protective devices, and are compact in design. A microcomputer temperature controller is available for use.

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Oil Temperature Controller

Yushine oil type mold temperature controller adopts advanced PWM (pulse width modulation) digital control technology to accurately control the working status of heating elements and ensure that the product can quickly reach and maintain setpoint temperatures. Additionally, it features over-temperature protection, time-delay protection, and manual/automatic switch functions

Water Temperature Controller

Yushine Water Temperature Controller is perfect for controlling the temperature of your hot water system. It has an easy-to-use digital display that makes it simple to set your desired temperature, and a safety cutoff switch that ensures your water will never get too hot. The controller also features an automatic shutoff timer so you can set it and forget it. Keep your water at the perfect temperature with the Yushine Water Temperature Controller.

Yushine high-temperature mold controller is the perfect solution for businesses that need to maintain a consistent and accurate temperature for their molds. This device can be set to any desired temperature, and it will automatically adjust the heat output to maintain that temperature. This allows businesses to avoid ruined products and wasted time and money. The Yushine controller is also very easy to use, making it a great choice for busy businesses. With its user-friendly interface, you`ll be able to get your molds up to temp in no time!

Two in One MTC

We offer an injection molding chiller that is widely used in the plastic industry. It is available in air or water cooling type. Different compressor types such as screw, piston, and more are available.

Injection Mold Temperature Controller

YuShine offers fully automated industrial mini water chillers that feature precise temperature control. It is integrated with high/low-pressure protection and high cooling capacity.

Hot water temperature control modules

Hot water temperature control modules let you maintain a consistent, high-quality product by preventing overheating. They’re perfect for applications that involve injection molding or extrusions because they allow the machine’s heating equipment to operate at optimal levels and can be used across many industries including injection molding or food processing

Premier Injection Mold Temerature Controller Solution

Top Quality Components
Top Quality Components

All the electrics are used by Schneider or Siemens for stable performance, High efficiency pump for accurate temperature control helping precise molding in production.

Superior SUS304 Materials
Superior SUS304 Materials

The main pipes are made of 304 stainless steel seamless tubes and are backed by a high-efficiency water pump. The stainless water tank is long-lasting and free of leakages and rust.

The pump is made of stainless steel with a silicon carbide seal.

The Special Design of Welding Port
The Special Design of Welding Port

One the of the heating barrel is a baffle plane,and the other end is arc welding,which can effectively relieve the impact of water pressure and better prevent water leakage at the welding port.

Multiple Thermoregulation Zones
Multiple Thermoregulation Zones

Process pump shortlisted for said work prerequisites, Heating resistance calibrated to maximum demand, Heat exchanger for external water cooling (if indirectly cooled). Proportional control valve for cooling water, microprocessor panel for automatic function control

High Temperature Controller

For basically your demands, a generally high-temperature mold controller essentially is also available and professional, which is quite significant. A sort of high water temperature controller can reach 200°C, while a High oil temperature controller can generally reach 300°C in a generally big way.

We normally do a comprehensive test before delivery. Contrary to popular assumption, all of our machines undergo a range of quality control checks as well as a 100% basically trial run prior to delivery. Please contact us if you are seriously interested in our plastic all-purpose auxiliary equipment, which is pretty substantial.

High temperature controller

Hot Water Temperature Control

Hot water temperature control modules mostly are utilized in a variety of industries, including molding, extrusions, and food processing, which for the most part is quite significant. Look no generally further if you ‘ve been seeking a solution to for all intents and purposes regulate generally your project with Yushine heating equipment, actually such as temperatures, pressures, and flows that definitely are suitable for any purpose in a subtle way.

We definitely have a number of models to for the most part ensure that everything functions well, which is fairly significant.

Why Yushine injection mold temerature controller

Injection molding, castings, food manufacturing, and other industries adopt oil or water temperature controlling systems. If you want a way to manage your project using Yushine heating technology, we have a variety of models available to guarantee that everything functions well.
Temperature range with +/-1°F precision, self-tuning, non-ferrous tubing, extensive monitoring, and an open-source controller are all included in the Yushine hot water/oil temperature control module (mold temperature controller). The small size of the Yushine hot water/ hot oil temperature central controller enables this to suit everywhere and endure the most demanding working conditions.


Why Yushine Injection Mold Temerature Controller

Why Yushine Injection Mold Temperature Controller

Injection Mold Temperature Controller
Why Yushine Injection Mold Temperature Controller

Yushine does mostly have one of the broadest options available for water and oil temperature controllers in the economy, which particularly is quite significant. Yushine’s water, pressurized water, and oil-based temperature controllers basically provide rapid mold heating and essentially ensure the excellent quality of the end product, which essentially is fairly significant.
Yushine generally takes special care during product design to specifically ensure that all essentially important components specifically are easily accessible and maintainable, or so they essentially thought.
Yushine collaborates closely with its customers, providing on-site user training, mold temperature controller commissioning, and after-sales support, so Yushine does for the most part have one of the broadest options available for water and oil temperature controllers in the economy.

YuShine Injection Molding Temperature Controller Features
  • Mold temperature controllers or temperature control units are commonly used in the plastic injection molding industry.
  • A liquid crystal display microcomputer controller is adopted, with high-temperature control accuracy and error of ± 0.1 ℃.
  • Long constant temperature time, high efficiency, and energy-saving.
  • Startup and exhaust automatically; Automatic cooling after shutdown.
  • Phase loss and out-of-phase protection of power supply; Overheating and overload protection; Low water pressure protection; Media shortage alarm。
YuShine Injection Molding Temperature Controller Application
  • Plastic molding
  • Die casting of the light guide plate
  • Rubber tire
  • Roller
  • Chemical reaction Kettle
  • Adhesive industry
  • Plastination and mixing industry
More About YuShine Injection Mold Temperature Controller

More About YuShine Injection Mold Temperature Controller

ModelMax TemperatureDimension (mm) (H)X(W)X(D)Weight(KG)Heating Power(KW)Pump Power(KW)Pump Flow(L/min)Pump Working Pressure(bar)Quantity of Heading barrel(PC)Main Secondary Tank Capacity(L)
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  • “Thank you YuShine for the high-quality injection molding chillers. I received the chillers with multiple protection devices. Now, our chiller machines are running very safely.”

  • “I received my injection molding chillers today! We have tested the machines immediately. I’m so glad that it has low noise operations with a big volume air blower. I am looking forward to making another purchase in your company!”

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