Efficient Color Masterbatch Mixing Machine from Yushine

Yushine provides a high-grade PET Bottle Shredder Machine for Recycling

  • Plastic Botter Shreeder
  • PET Bottle Shredder
  • Plastic Bottle Granulator
  • PET bottles Granulator
  • Plastic Botter Shreeder
  • PET Bottle Shredder
  • Plastic Bottle Granulator
  • PET bottles Granulator

PET Bottle Shredder, SGP series

The Yushine PET bottle shredder features a flat blade design that offers a broad cutting surface area and enhanced cutting force.

  • Refined steel blades and a quenched 45# steel spindle holder enhance the machine’s crushing and recycling efficiency.
  • The all-copper high-quality motor ensures strong stability and performance at the shredder’s core.
  • The humanized locking nut design allows for hand-tightening followed by wrench use, simplifying the operation.
  • For machines above 30HP, a standard cooling system is utilized to dissipate heat generated from crushing.
  • The optional automatic crushing collection system features a device that seamlessly loads materials into bags or storage tanks.
  • Our machines are tailored to your specific requirements and needs.
Yushine Versatile in Plastic Processing

Yushine Granulator: Versatile in Plastic Processing

Yushine flat-type granulator is widely utilized in plastic injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding processes for the effective crushing of materials, as well as for waste recycling purposes. This machine is particularly efficient in managing plastic waste, including plastic bags and films, with a special focus on PET bottles. Its design ensures effortless processing of these materials, establishing it as a crucial instrument for recycling and managing waste efficiently.

Recycling Solutions for Specific Plastic Products

The flat blade crusher, due to its broad blades, amplifies the crushing surface area, significantly boosting shredding efficiency. As a result, it is especially well-suited for the shredding of thin plastic materials, such as film, bottle preforms, plastic bottles, thin plastic sheets, etc.

Items produced by blow molding: This category comprises various products such as preforms for bottles, plastic containers, bottles for oil and soy sauce, along with additional blow-molded items.

Production leftovers: Refers to the unwanted plastic material or offcuts, like sprues and runners, that emerge as part of the manufacturing workflow.

Slim-profile materials: Includes a range of products like plastic films, bags, and sheets, showcasing the diversity in thin plastic goods

Process Materials
Wide-Ranging Capabilities of SG Series Plastic Granulator

Wide-Ranging Capabilities of SG Series Plastic Granulator

The Yushine small-sized granulator excels as a plastic grinder. It’s ideal for small-scale recycling and manufacturing plants. This machine specializes in small plastics and rubber. It handles PET bottles, HDPE containers, nylon, and more. Different blades adapt to various materials. It shreds all scrap forms efficiently. Yushine’s PET bottle shredders fit any recycling need. They manage all sizes of plastic waste effectively. This range offers precise recycling solutions, making waste management easy and efficient.

Crushing Chamber
Crushing Capacity
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