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Plastic Bottle Shredder

Yushine is the leading brand in manufacturing and supplying plastic bottle shredders around the globe. Yushine plastic bottle shredders are available in three primary forms: SGY Claw type, SGY Flat type, and SGP Flake type.

SGY Claw-type plastic bottle shredder primarily designed by Yushine is useful in rushing and reusing complex hard plastic.SGY Flat-type plastic bottle shredder model designed by Yushine fits best to the case, thin pipes, shell, bottle, and blow molding pieces for recycling. Such SGY Flat-type plastic bottle shredder model helps in easy and quick operation. It is also very helpful in cutting a large amount of material.

Yushine’s SGP Flake-type plastic bottle shredder model is reliable for reusing and recycling plastics, pipes, extrusion molding materials, ordinary sheets, and runners.These models of plastic bottle shredders contain a load protection motor, have a durable power chain mechanism and

Yushine’s various models use a blade system and require a regular polish for better operation. Yushine’s plastic bottle shredder requires an oil greasing seal which ensures that the inside material does not contaminate due to oil. It also consists of sound baffles to prevent excessive vibrations.

Plastic Bottle ShredderGood Quality

Yushine has come up with a specially designed plastic bottle shredder that is convenient to use. It is beneficial in the plastic and environment reusing and recycling sectors.

Yushine’s plastic bottle shredder models do not produce chaos when you are operating them. The motor is environment-friendly.

SG-series plastic bottle shredder’s blades are styled in a trapezium way, and it causes a double-layer of chips.SG- series plastic bottle shredders possess a small crusher that links with the drum and helps with quick mobility. This series adds the advantage of foot shocks for appropriate functioning.


  • The operation is simple and quick. It is also very helpful when cutting large amounts of material.
  • Reliably reuse and recycle plastics, pipes, extrusion molding materials, ordinary sheets, and flow roads.
  • Contains load protection motor, with durable power chain mechanism.


ModelMotor Power(KW)Motor Power(HP)Rotary Cutter(PCS)Stationary Cutter(PCS)Crushing Chamber(mm)Crushing capacity (kg/h)DimensionWeight(KG)


Yushine Leading Plastic Bottle Shredder Manufacturer

Yushine is a well-known firm serving its clients for more than 15 years. Yushine is an excellent and trusted company of plastic and auxiliary equipment.Yushine’s technical engineers are making their clients satisfied with maximum availability and 24 Hours non-stop consultation.

Yushine’s goal is to assure you that our special plastic bottle shredder is tested and owns a CE certificate.

Yushine’s plastic bottle shredders have been reliable for more than 18 months. Yushine is perfect for delivering the right product at the right time, which is fruitful in creating long-term relationships with our clients.

Trust us and see how we are going to help you.Pick Yushine’s plastic bottle shredders at an affordable price and level up your business with our valuable product.For more queries, contact us and get rid of your worries. Yushine feels happy to serve you.

  • Yushine has passed the ISO9001 international quality system and most of our products have passed CE certification.
  • All the Gravimetric Blenders are an 18-month warranty, and any feedback will respond in 24 hours.
  • Strong abilities in developing and designing new machines that have passed patents for easy operating.
  • Short-time delivery and many products are in stock.
  • Yushine Concepts of “quality first, customers first, the credit first”.
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