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  • The low-speed crusher is designed to regrind all kinds of recycled, plastic materials that come from the injection molding machine with low speed. No screen mesh is needed.
  • Combination of stability, low-noise, low-dust. It grinds materials of equal sizes. It won’t get overheat and will expand the lifespan.
  • New-type inclined teeth cutter reduces the possibility of stress concentration,
  • enhances bearing capacity, and converts force direction so that cutter lifespan can be prolonged Low-speed granulators adopt new type staggered blades and unfixed blades which can keep a settled cutting clearance without adjustment after re-sharpening. Adopt blades and integration design to obtain better cutting performance.
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Plastic Crushing Recycling List

Ms series Low Speed Granulator
Honeycomb dehumidifier combined with stainless steel hot air dryer. 2 functions in one machine
DSN Series Medium Speed
Has dehumidifying, drying, and loading 3 functions. This compact design is greatly help your injection molding process working system more high efficiency, energy-saving, space-saving.
SG-Series Plastic shredder
Cabinet dryer is also an idea choose for evenly heating plastic materials, the drying temperature could be conveniently setted as you requirement.
Yushine Plastic Crushing Features

Yushine hopper dryer is used for dehumidifying or drying your plastics before loading them to your injection molding machine.

We have all types of hopper dryers for you to choose from. Our hopper dryer includes a standard hot air hopper dryer, euro type isolated hopper dryer, dehumidifying dryer series, cabinet dryer.

  • Fair average quality with competitive price
  • All the electrical appliances are used Schneider or siemens.
  • Strong abilities in developing and designing new machines which have passed patents for easy operating.
  • Effective Energy-saving through compact structure design with famous brand components.
Yushine Hot air Dryer, Your Reliable Supplier

Yushine is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the dehumidifying dryer with over 15 years of experience. We are proud to present our perfect dehumidifying dryer with the help of our professional workers and engineers. We priority our responsibility and make the right decision for every production. If you are looking for the perfect and unique dehumidifying dryer, Yushine is you’re best choice.

All the machines are a 1-year warranty, and any feedback will response in 24 hours.

Yushine dryers should 100% trial run and follow the quality control system strictly. Send us your requirement, we will offer you a quotation as soon as possible.



In addition to our online standard plastic auxiliary equipment, You are welcome to submit your particular drawings, concepts, and requirements. We can assist you with product development, production, and shipping, while you only need to do is focus on the market and sales.

Yushine has well-trained R&D, experienced project management such as with Philips, TTI, Delonghi, Dorel Juvenile these celebrated enterprises, in-house manufacturing, and quality control staff, through our OEM and ODM service.



Yushine Leading Plastic Crushing Recycling Manufacturer

Yushine is a professional manufacturer and supplier of the  Plastic Crushing Features
Yushine Plastic Crushing Features forever 15 years of experience. Our company has passed ISO9001 international quality system and most of our products have passed CE certifications. We Always optimize supply chain management, by on-time payment, and cost control.

Through our excellent supply chain management as well as timely staff training, we could provide our drying hopper with favorable prices and good quality.

  • All the electrical appliances are used Schneider or Siemens and
  • The key components have also come from reliable manufacturers.
  • All of our machines go through a series of quality control checks and a 100% trial run before delivery.

If you have interesting in our plastic auxiliary equipment, feel free to contact us!

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