Yushine Provide Wide Range of Plastic Granulators
Yushine Provide Wide Range of Plastic Granulators

Yushine is a Specialized Manufacturer of Plastic Granulators Including Low-Speed Granulator, and Medium-Speed Granulators.

  • Low-Speed Granulators
  • SG Series Low-Speed Granulators
  • Plastic Granulators
  • Plastic Granulators
  • Central granulator
  • Low-Speed Granulators
  • SG Series Low-Speed Granulators
  • Plastic Granulators
  • Plastic Granulators
  • Central granulator

Beside-the-Press Granulators

Yushine provides a variety of plastic granulators, including Central granulators and beside-press granulators: slow-speed and medium-speed models. The granulators, put beside the press, handle materials like spruces, runners, and defective parts. It is easy safe and efficient to users.

  • Suited for a recycler with a dust collector that connects with a hopper dryer
  • Easy conjunction with a robotic arm with a conveyor for automated feeding
  • Utilize front-mounted hard durability blades with a hardened cutting chamber
  • Available in 460- or 220-volt varieties with highly accessible for simple cleaning
  • Double-layer soundproof design with stainless steel inner structure
  • Capable of automatic jam-reverse function and automatic clearing.
Improve Efficiency with a Cyclone Recycling System

Low-Speed Granulators

Yushine low-speed granulators also called screenless low-speed grinders are user friendly, featuring double teeth cutter, SKD11 material. This design allows a low-speed grinder to minimize dust and easy accessibility to parts for cleaning and maintenance. All cutting blades are wire cut and then hardened through quenching, offering high strength and hardness, eliminating the need for sharpening. It can be paired with a recycling system, allowing crushed materials and new materials to be mixed and used in proportion.

Medium-Speed Granulators

Yushine medium-speed online granulator can be used across various industries, including injection molding and blow molding. It is suitable for recycling runners, hard sprues, fiberglass, acrylic, tool casings, nylon with fiber reinforcement, and similar materials. The blades are installed using a hexagon socket screw method, utilized for free from wear or loosening over extended use. Because of its special design of a cutter holder in the crushing chamber, it is also suitable for crushing hollow materials such as plastic bottles.

High Pressure Blower + Dual-Material Proportioning Valve
How to choose Plastic Granulators With Screen or Not

How to choose Plastic Granulators: With Screen or Not

The low-speed grinder utilizes tooth blades, also called pineapple blades, which can crush 15~40kg/hr, the rotor speed is about 24rpm per minute. It is idea for hard tough sprue materials, such as PA glass fiber, producing low dust and noise. So no need for a screen.
The medium-speed granulator adopts SKD11 claw blades, suitable for crushing soft rubber, and the screen mesh can be customized for more uniform crushing.
Both low-speed and medium-speed are online granulators with low noise, and finalize automated recycling

ModelBladeMaterialMotor Power(HP)Hobbing Cutter Quantity(PCS)Hook Cutter Quantity(PCS)CrushingChamber (mm)Dimension (mm)Weight (KG)RotatingSpeed (P.PM)Grinding Speed (R.PM)
MS-280Cr12 Mov232280×2351000×450×11001752820-25

Product introduction

Plastic Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturer

Complete Guide to Plastic Granulator

Yushine offers a variety of plastic granulators for your industry needs, ranging from central granulators to online granulators, we’ll deliver to you the most suitable granulators.

  • What is the difference between shredder and granulator?
  • How does Plastic Granulator Machine work?
  • What design standard is most important when considering a new granulator?
  • How many types of Industrial Plastic Granulator Machines?
  • How to select plastic granulators?
What is the difference between shredder and granulator?

Granulators generally operate at high speeds but low torque. In contrast, shredders operate at lower speeds with high torque, making them suitable for various recycling applications in wood, metal, paper, and plastics. Shredders come in single-shaft and dual-shaft designs for efficient scrap shredding.

Granulators used in plastics processing plants called plastic granulators, can be categorized into two groups: beside-the-machine models for small recycling volumes and central granulators for larger scrap quantities.

How does Plastic Granulator Machine work?

The Plastic Granulator Machine operates by utilizing different types of blades, the configuration, and the geometry of the cutting chamber to slice various plastic scraps or materials. The motor drives the blade rest shaft, causing the rotating blade to move against the fixed blade at an optimal cutting angle.

What design standard is most important when considering a new granulator?

Many different design criteria need to be considered when buying a new granulator. The following is provided for your reference.

  • The feeder hopper is where the material enters the machine, which could be fed by a robot or manual etc. The feed hopper is the most customized portion of the granulator that we could do.
  • The cutting chamber, the rotor, and the screen area are where the cutting and grinding work. The configuration and the geometry of the cutting chamber will determine the rotor types.
  • The base of the drive, the motor part, the core of the machine, the power of the machine
  • The discharge of the machine can be of many different types.


How many types of Industrial Plastic Granulator Machines?

Central Granulator: Ideal for centralized processing of various materials, including waste or rejected components from processes like injection molding, blow molding, or extrusion lines.

Medium-Speed Granulator: The Medium Speed Online Plastic Granulator is designed for efficient, immediate recycling of defective materials like sprues and runners. It operates at a moderate speed to reduce fines, and noise. Upgraded feeding hopper with baffles prevents material splashing and contamination, improving workshop cleanliness and safety. A Robotic arm for automated feeding is suggested for optimal operation, avoiding manual feeding of large quantities to prevent jamming.

Low-Speed Granulator: minimizes dust with screenless, easy accessibility to parts for cleaning and maintenance. Staggered trapezoid cutting design and gear-driven low-speed motor are ideal grinding for various materials.

How to select plastic granulators?

To choose the right plastic granulators, low-speed or centralized?

The first, low-speed is for small amounts of cutting materials while centralized for those of large amounts.

Second, you should consider the size of the crushing materials, which shall be smaller or equal to the feeder hopper of the granulator and we could also have the service to customize the feed hopper.

Third, the hardness and thickness of the crushing materials are also taken into account. It will determine the power and the types of blades of the granulator.

The fourth step involves taking into account the desired particle size. This consideration assists in identifying the appropriate granulator model and subsequently guides the selection of the screen size.

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