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Yushine Mastering Plastic Scrap Grinding Solutions for Better Manufacturing Processes

  • Plastic Scrap Grinder
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  • Plastic Scrap Grinder
  • Plastic Crushing Equipment
  • Waste Plastic Processing Machine
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Plastic Scrap Grinders, SGP series

Yushine’s grinders streamline reducing plastic scrap into smaller pieces, crushing sprues and runners for smooth conveying and molding, and feature an optional system that automatically moves the crushed materials to bags or tanks, simplifying the workflow

  • Blade holder combines claw and flat styles for flexible and efficient cutting, adapting to various plastic materials and shapes.
  • Features a double-layer soundproofing mechanism around the feeding area, significantly reducing operational noise for a quieter working environment.
  • Utilizes high-strength alloy tool steel (Cr12mov) blades for exceptional durability and longevity, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  • Equipped with an all-copper motor, providing strong stability and high-performance output, central to the machine’s reliable operation.
  • For higher power models (above 30HP), a standard cooling system is incorporated to effectively manage and dissipate heat during intensive crushing tasks.
Plastic Shett

Versatile in Plastic Processing

  • Yushine Plastic crusher with flake-type cutting blades is versatile and suitable for crushing various sprues and runners, along with the defective plastic products generated by plastic machinery, as well as pipes, profiles, sheets, and some specific items such as printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), auto accessories, keyboard units, AC housings, panels or sandwich panels, protective cable covers, LED tape. We also make the mesh holes the right size to fit what our customers need, ensuring the crushing is done right and efficiently.
  • It’s versatile and finds application in various sectors, such as injection molding, electronics, food processing, chemical production, cable manufacturing, printing and dyeing, healthcare, and the appliance industry.

Flake-Type Plastic Crusher Highlights

The flake-type plastic crusher also called a general-purpose plastic crusher, features sealed bearings to ensure long-lasting and smooth operation. The crusher utilizes a heat shrink treatment for the knife seat, which helps its durability and wear resistance. You can also choose the collective device, handy for collecting material after grinding. The SGP400 models have installed casters, while the SGP500 and above models offer optional anti-vibration mounts.

If the crushing materials change, we can change the other cutter holders and blades, such as claw/flat types, to other plastic crusher configurations.

Wide Range of Applications
Integrating Conveyors with Plastic Recycling Processes

Integrating Conveyors with Plastic Recycling Processes

Plastic scrap grinders and granulators play an increasingly vital role in plastic recycling. They offer a quick and straightforward solution to process waste plastic back into reusable materials. The Yushine flake-type grinder, which can be integrated with a feeding conveyor, allows for automatic transport directly to the crusher. This process reduces manual labor and enhances efficiency. Moreover, including metal detectors facilitates metal separation from plastic waste, ensuring a purer end product. Any specific recycling customization needs can be met.

ModelMotor Power(KW)Motor Power(HP)Rotary Cutter(PCS)Stationary Cutter(PCS)Crushing Chamber(mm)Crushing capacity (kg/h)DimensionWeight(KG)



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