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Yushine Plastic Powder Loader

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  • Yushine high-density dust filter device provides superior air filtration and allows for a dust-free environment.
  • Stainless steel hopper constructure
  • Powder Auto Loader
  • Free-flowing Powders Conveying
  • Conveying Series
  • Powder Loader
  • Auto Powder Loader
  • Powder Auto Loader
  • Free-flowing Powders Conveying
  • Conveying Series
  • Powder Loader
  • Auto Powder Loader

Yushine Feeding&Conveying Series-Powder Auto Loader

Yushine vacuum powder loader series focus on both Granular material and plastic recycled materials conveying. This series is one of the important equipment among plastic auxiliary equipment which is vital in plastic processing manufacturing.

Yushine Auto Loader suits dry and non-sticky powder within 1000 mesh and is available range of sizes for customer needs.

  • The high, strong-pressure two-stage blower provides smooth powder transfer over long distances.
  • Automatic pulsed blowback filter cleaning device with dust-free and oil-free fiber cloth.
  • Each time sucking material and sequenced with blowback cleaning, help high efficiency conveying, as well as prolong the lifespan of the filter device.
  • Microprocessor memory using EEPROM, will not lose the setting data and can be saved permanently.


Free-flowing Powders Conveying

Free-flowing Powders Conveying

Yushine powder loaders are used to convey plastic granules and powders from storage bags or bins to drying hoppers or blenders for moderate distances. The main part of the machine is the blower, which is highly pressured, and the receiver is stainless steel to prevent Contamination. Yushine Vacuum Powder Loaders are available in 3.5HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, and 10HP sizes. Custom sizes are also accomplished. These different ranges fit with the capability requirements.

Yushine vacuum loaders for plastic pellets are perfect for collecting and conveying most types of materials, helping to ensure a consistent and efficient loading process. The Yushine Powder Auto Loader stands out due to its heavy-duty construction, easy-to-use display interface, and reliable vacuum technology making it the optimal choice for any production line.

Yushine Powder Auto Loader Applications

Yushine Powder Loaders are a leading choice for achieving efficient and cost-effective operations across multiple industries. From textiles to electronics, food & beverage operations, home appliances manufacturing, and more; these loaders along with molding or forming machines, mixing systems, and chemical processing can be used in various settings to reduce labor costs while maintaining quality control.

Wide application
Vacuum Loader for Powder

Yushines Powder Hopper Loader High Quality

Yushine Powder loaders feature two types of filters: Plate filter and Bag filter. A plate filter is used for conveying materials 100% powder, which is more than 15um.

The Bag filter suit for conveying material is 30% powder, which is less than 15um

The air accumulator is standard while the cyclone dust separator is optional for your choose

3.5hp or above motor loader configured with double stage blower to satisfy customer’s requirements

Yushine auto powder loader features a precision water&oil filter making the adjusting operation more easily The high-quality electric parts ensure the machine is reliable and stable

Conveying Capacity(Kg/h)400600800
Hopper Loading Distance(L)404060
Vortex Pump Power(KW)45.57.5
Vortex Pump Voltage(V)380380380
Sucion Tube Diameter(mm)515163
Absorb Tube Diameter(mm)515163



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