Water-cooled Industrial Screw Chiller

Water-cooled Industrial Screw Chiller Features

Industrial water-cooled screw chiller
  • Adopts German BITZER semi-hermetic twin screw compressor,Long bearing life to ensure long-term operation
  • Multistage energy compressor can be adjusted according to customer different requirments to achieve energy-saving effect
  • Condensor and evaportator meet national requirement,high heat exchange proformance and easy maintenance
  • Good expansion performance of controller to make the hardware and software update & extend more easily
  • Watchdog technology makes hardware components of mico-computer cotroller to own the self-diagnositc ability and check faults automaticlly
  • Equipped with high stability memory ,512K program storage capacity and 128k power-off data storage to keep many data without missing
  • Unique screen protection system to make sure the life of touch screen could reach more than 10 years
  • Fault inquire & fault statistics function could analyze reason of fault according to the fault sequence number , fault times and the time of occurrence then to improve 

Water-cooled Industrial Screw Chiller Description

SICC Series central water- cooled chiller adopt German BITZER semi-hermetic twin screw compressor with excellent technical characteristics ,includes two models :one compressor and two compressor.both of suitable for using refrigerants such as R22/R134 and so on. High efficiency horizontal condensor and evaporator have national pressure vessel manufacturing license, stable heat exchange and easy maintenance. Advanced mico-computer controller, powerful function ,high-speed embedded micro-computer processors performance is much higher than the single-chip machine used in the industry.

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