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PVC Belt Conveyor

Yushine’s PVC Belt Conveyor can be found on the side of the injection molding machine. It serves as a helping hand for the robot to instantly finish the delivery of its work. Moreover, it helps in the implementation of true intelligent automation in your workshop which will in return improve your overall production efficiency.

Yushine’s PVC Flat Belt Conveyor comes with adjustable height setting that allows you to increase the height for as long as 6000mm. The hand shaft helps you to customize the length as per your requirement. Moreover, with adjustable speed options, you can easily control the delivery efficiency by controlling your robot’s speed. It will directly affect your production efficiency and improve your rate of production.

PVC Belt Conveyor Good Quality

Yushine Plastics is known for providing quality products with durable materials. Our ability to provide premium quality and the decorated clients’ list serves as a testament to our product quality. For this reason, we take pride in providing cutting-edge features in our products to our customers in various domains.

To help you learn more about our PVC Flat Belt Conveyor, here’s a list of features that make Yushine’s PVC Belt Conveyor different from the rest of the market. The detailed list will help you analyze our product based on your requirements.


  • Can adapt to different temperature conditions, such as cold or hot.
  • Can resist harmful chemicals, UV radiation, and contaminations.
  • Can bear maximum weight.
  • Can resist overheating.
  • Comprises of height adjustability features with the help of a hand shaft.
  • Contains oil and wear resistance along with anti-static properties to preserve repair costs and ensure long-life service of the belt.
  • Consists of 4 wheels that can help you maneuver the machine wherever you want it. Moreover, they are foldable in nature to help you save space.
  • Remains protected against scratching and marring.
  • They are made with versatile, modular, and flexible plastic chains.
  • The belt can incline, bend, decline, and make waves.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty and lifelong maintenance.
  • The product is tested and certified to satisfy customers regarding its usability.
  • The product is cost-saving because it requires minimal maintenance.
  • Uses a single drive motor for long stretches, ultimately reducing operating costs.
Width of beltmm300400500600
Length of conveyormm1500/2000/3000/4000/5000
Height of higher-endmm800-1500
Height of lower endmm800-1200
Length of planemm400400500500
Belt descriptionPVC material /2mm  thickness /green color/Heat resistance -10 degree ~+80 degree /Anti-static, wear resistance, oil resistance
Power sourceAC220V50/60Hz
Power capacity0.2KVA

Yushine Leading PVC Belt Conveyor Manufacturer

Yushine is the ultimate domestic brand in plastic & rubber auxiliary machinery fields like Insulated hopper dryers. We have collaborated with many large-scale companies such as PHILIPS, TTI, Delonghi, Dorel Juvenile, and many more. Yushine has a team of engaging, innovative, and expert engineers who collaborated their efforts in inventing a reliable and good quality plastic modular belt conveyor system and layout for its consumers.

If you are looking for a good PVC belt, visit our website to get yourself a product that will meet your needs and expectations. Our team will evaluate your demands and find you the best Pvc Conveyor Belt. We are the leading brand in manufacturing plastic equipment that remains up-to-date and does not compromise the quality to provide the best customer experience.

A brand revolves around providing solutions to its customer’s needs and queries. Our skillful team members have all the crafts, wisdom, and resources to find solutions for your unique challenges. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, our team can help you get your customized product.

  • Yushine strives to offer its customers an easy-to-operate, affordable, and durable product.
  • The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system
  • The products have passed CE certification.
  • All the machines have a 1-year warranty
  • We reply to your feedback within 24 hours
  • It envisions a platform to develop and design new machines with successful patents.
  • The company aims to offer its customers short-time delivery and a range of products to ensure they have many options to choose from.
  • Yushine supports the idea of “quality first, customers first, the credit first.”
PVC Belt Conveyor – The Definitive FAQ Guide

PVC Belt Conveyor is a special conveying system that uses a belt made from various materials such as PVC, rubber, and even fabrics.

PVC means polyvinyl chloride, and it is the second most widely used plastic polymer on the planet in manufacturing. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in a wide range of conveyor belts.

Polyvinyl chloride has high tensile strength, tear resistance, flexibility, and elongation, making it highly effective in carrying heavy loads while ensuring smooth and consistent transfer of raw materials.

The FAQ guide on PVC belt conveyor contains information on what it is, different orientations you can achieve with this, technical specifications, the role of the single drive motor, and much more. Learn more below to uncover secrets.

What Is A PVC Belt Conveyor?

Though many different types of conveyors are available, they all have the same purpose and work in the same manner. Conveying is the transfer of products or materials from one place to another.

With this definition in mind, we can define the PVC Belt Conveyor as an assembly that consists of a front idler wheel, a series of rollers, a drive wheel, and a belt that moves material in a certain direction. It facilitates the movement of materials through some structures.

The PVC Belt Conveyor is a machine that can move heavy or large materials and products. The PVC Belt Conveyor is also known as a conveyor belt or a push belt conveyor.

 PVC Belt Conveyor

The main purpose of the PVC Belt Conveyor is to transport materials for storage, sorting, and further processing. The design allows the system to be easily and quickly adjusted.

The PVC Belt Conveyor is an inexpensive, highly effective material handling device for various bulk materials and general industrial applications. Whatever a conveyor transports are immediately ready for use after it arrives at its destination.

The motor is placed which drives this system. The option exists to adjust the belt’s speed as per your processing speed requirements. This automatic operation increases the speed and efficiency of production.

How Adjustable Length And Height Of PVC Belt Conveyor Aid You In Efficient Operation?

In a factory where good quality and heavy production are the main requirements, PVC belt conveyors are being used to transport raw materials from one station to another. To simplify the operation of the belt conveyor, a Plastic Conveyor is also equipped with an adjustable length that can be adjusted as needed. You can change it according to your environment.

Also, the adjustable height is another good feature of this belt conveyor. With this adjustment feature, you could ensure that the height of the belt conveyor is the same as the machine connected to the belt conveyor. This is a very good safety feature. Without this, you will lose some time to level up the height of the belt conveyor to match the machine connected to it.

Adjustable conveyors run smoothly under variable load conditions, such as when a large or small item passes over its surface or when the belt gets overloaded. This property helps to save operational costs because it will not require expensive equipment for handling high loads and ensure smooth operation even when the level of materials being carried changes rapidly. The Belt Conveyor facilitates both you and your customers with all these fantastic features. Invest in this machine for a steady and consistent rate of production.

What Is The Working Principle Of PVC Belt Conveyor?

The working principle of the PVC belt conveyor is as follows:

The PVC belt conveyor consists of a belt in the shape of an endless loop. At one end of the conveyor, there is a loading platform where products are placed on an endless belt. When the materials placed on the belt move forward, the platform moves with it and drops the items off at another location. The belt moves constantly, and new objects can be added to it at any point along its length.

Working Principle

The belt moves either left or right with the help of a series of rollers. These rollers are mounted on the frame of the PVC belt conveyor at a specific distance. The rollers receive operational power through a motor. The motor operates through the electricity that drives these rollers and the belt.

At one end of the conveyor belt, a frame is embedded that collects whatever product is transferred. You can take up or receive the product from here. This system provides temporary support and prevents the material from falling.

You can add up this incredible system anywhere in the facility where you need to transfer the material. This will make your system robotic and help you increase your production rate.

How PVC Belt Conveyor Resistance Towards UV Radiation And Contamination Is Beneficial?

The key feature that makes our PVC Belt Conveyor different from others is UV radiation and contamination resistance. Many manufacturers hesitate before using PVC Belt Conveyor on heavy products since they think this is not resistant to UV radiation and contamination.

This is wrong thinking. It has been tested in the factory that PVC Belt Conveyor really resists UV radiation and contamination, thus having a long service life with profitably to customers.

Under these situations, the conveyor belt will certainly lose strength and rigidity. Thus an easy deformation by pressure or weight could be developed.

In the PVC Belt conveyor, Radiation resistance is provided by adding a small amount of copper, nickel, and zinc in the formulation. It helps in good bonding between the polymers, which provides good flexibility, thus making the belt suitable for high-frequency use.

In terms of contamination resistance, it also plays an essential role in maintaining cleanliness on conveyors in detail. Without contamination resistance, any dirt or grease covering a conveyor belt’s surface would migrate onto anything that touches the conveyor belt.

For some industries where cleanliness is crucial, carrying materials covered in grease or dirt can be a serious problem. If this problem isn’t addressed, it can lead to costly maintenance and even lost products.

 How PVC Belt Conveyor Assist You With Easy Maneuverability?

With Easy Maneuverability, you can get your PVC Belt conveyor to the sites you need. No more wasting time trying to get your conveyor in and out of tight spaces. In just a few minutes, you’ll have the Easy Maneuverability that makes our PVC Belt conveyor a great choice.

The wheels are embedded just under the frame of the PVC belt conveyor. These wheels play an essential role in the portability of this equipment. The wheels can bear heavy loads and provide you with great flexibility.

The Easy Maneuverability in PVC Belt conveyor is great for use in a warehouse, factory, or another place where large, heavy objects or materials need to be moved. With the PVC Belt Conveyor’s Easy Maneuverability, you can maneuver from any angle and ensure that these items are moved precisely into place. It also has the advantage of being very durable and reliable.

It also has a maintenance-free design and is easy to operate with minimal labor requirements. PVC Belt Conveyor comes equipped with the latest in Energy Direct Drive Technology. This technology allows for an easy and smooth introduction of the product into or out of the infeed opening. In other words, it is a total solution.

How Flexible Plastic Chains Help You In PVC Belt Conveyor?

Flexible Plastic Chains are used as supporting components of PVC Belt Conveyors. It is mostly used in the conveyor that may have a stretched motion. Flexible plastic chains are vital for PVC belt conveyors as they have been designed specifically to function with minimum noise and vibration. The flexibility makes them capable of dealing with the large amounts of weight being lifted and transported.

It is a lightweight, durable chain that can handle tough abrasion caused by various products. Flexible Plastic Chains reduce operators’ workload by enabling them to perform other production tasks. Flexible PVC chains are virtually crack-proof and less prone to kinking.

It comes with various connectors that connect these and the frame, allowing it to fit many different specifications. The main prominent benefit of Flexible Plastic Chains in PVC Belt conveyors is their flexibility which saves a lot of energy and time. It can reduce power consumption and, in turn, save a lot of money.

What Different Orientations You Can Achieve With Belt Of PVC Belt Conveyor And How They Aid In Operation?

There are multiple orientations you can achieve with your PVC belt conveyor. Some of the main directions are as follows:

U Shape

This conveyor belt is in a U shape. The U-Shape Conveyor Belt orientation allows a continuous flow of products with an excellent output density. The U-Shape Conveyor Belt orientation is a perfect choice for all situations such as horizontal and curved conveying, both short and long-distance transport, and contributes to high-quality production output.

Zig Zag

The Zig Zag conveyor belt orientation is a type of PVC belt conveyor where the belt has a zigzag pattern, with the ends of adjacent zigzag segments pointing in opposite directions. This configuration allows for direction changes, which helps keep production running smoothly and prevents material from piling up in one location. The Zig Zag conveyor belt orientation is useful for factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial facilities.


With diverted conveyor belt orientation, the point of diversion is at the right angle or any other angle to travel and not in the same direction. The diverted conveyor belt orientation reduces wear on the belts and permits them to be used for longer than when traveling in the same direction.


Parallel conveyor belt orientation is a belt that runs parallel (inline, side by side). It establishes a uniform cross-section over the distance of the conveyor. This greatly increases productivity by offering high-capacity strapping, boxing, or palletizing loads in only one direction of travel.

How does Maximum Weight Handling In PVC Belt Conveyor Helps You With Uninterrupted Functionality?

Belt conveyor is a critical part of the transportation system in any industry. The conveyor belt must operate continuously without fail because of industries’ high and unstoppable demand.

PVC Belt Conveyor is designed with Maximum Weight Handling that provides a smooth Material Handling System. This has been the belt conveyor used in various industries for a long time.

Maximum weight handling is the maximum load handling capacity of a 300 to 600 mm wide conveyor belt. Meaning, you can safely put up to 20 kg on the belt, and it should still work. The PVC Belt Conveyor has a maximum weight handling of up to 20 kg; this is because of its durability to carry heavy weights and its weighting system. So, when you use the PVC Belt Conveyor, it can hold a maximum weight load without being interrupted.

How To Choose The Best PVC Belt Conveyor?

Choosing a PVC Belt Conveyor is not as easy as you imagine because many different types of Belt conveyors can help you transport heavy material effortlessly and smoothly.

Each type might have some particular pros and cons. So you must study thoroughly about these products. These are some important factors that will help you to choose the right PVC belt conveyor machine for your application:


Material is the most significant factor in deciding the performance of the PVC belt conveyor. You should always consider material when you are about to choose for PVC belt conveyor.


Cost is the most important factor in any business. High-grade material purchasing and cost-consciousness can greatly reduce production costs, which can help the enterprise reduce overall expenditure and promote the survival and development of enterprises.


When selecting conveyor belts, size is no less important than product quality. If a belt is too large for your application, it will not provide the required efficiency, and if a belt is too small for your application applications, it is most likely not cost-effective.

A conveyor belt needs to be selected based on the required load distribution, where the loading from commodity needs to be evenly distributed on all the conveyor belts and wheels.

How Single Drive Motor Help You Work With Long Stretches In PVC Belt Conveyor?

An enclosed, single-drive motor is used in this model of our PVC Belt Conveyor to give you a solid and sturdy run with minimum maintenance. The engine features a gearbox with a unique transmission system that requires no center support, effectively reducing the total number of parts.

This single-drive motor is more efficient, longer-lasting, and safer than other motors on the market, and the wide selection of optional additives allows you to select one that meets your exact needs.

 Single Drive motor

A single-drive motor in PVC Belt Conveyor has peculiar advantages over a double-drive motor. A single-drive motor converts the power from AC (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current) to run the conveyor belt with stable power. This role helps conveyor belts to meet long stretches and steep slopes easily.

Hassle-free maintenance is an important factor when selecting a conveyor system, and a single-drive motor is designed to make maintenance easier. It also cuts down on complicated wiring. This conveyor can transport products at high speeds without compromising efficiency.

What Are The Main Parts Of PVC Belt Conveyor?

Several parts make up your PVC belt conveyor. Some of the main components are as follows:

Head Pulley

The Head pulley is an important part of the PVC Belt Conveyor, installed at the top side of the belt conveyor. The role of the head pulley is the movement of the conveyor belt.

Tail Pulley

Tail pulleys are components of conveyor systems. They function to guide the conveyor belt and move the belt linearly. The tail pulley of the PVC Belt Conveyor can reduce the frictional resistance, which would otherwise reduce the efficiency of the PVC Belt Conveyor.

Idler or Rollers

The idlers or rollers of the belt conveyor play a very important role in running a smooth operation. As the conveying action depends on the rollers for its smooth operation, damage to any rollers would render the belt conveyor system useless.

Supporting Frame

The Supporting frame is used to transfer the weight of the operating belt to the foundation and fix the conveyor firmly. The Supporting Frame supports the entire belt by keeping it taut, and when adjusted correctly, tension helps to minimize vibration.

Other components include handwheels, single-drive motors, base wheels for portability, etc.

How does Adjustable Speed In PVC Belt Conveyor Increases Your Efficiency And Productivity?

Conveyor Control Gear Boxes are used to adjust the running speed of belt conveyors according to the requirement of material flow. These product helps to maintain a constant speed.

An adjustable-speed PVC belt conveyor system can move objects of different weights, sizes, and stiffness at different speeds. PVC belt conveyors provide the ultimate flexibility by reducing friction, optimizing speeds, and eliminating the need for complex adjustments or sophisticated electronics.

Adjustable Speed in PVC Belt Conveyors is useful for loading and unloading individual pallets and products onto conveyors. If productivity is not needed at more speed, you can decrease it and adjust accordingly.

Which Industries Can Make Use of PVC Belt Conveyor?

Several industries can make use of PVC belt conveyors. Some of the main industries are as follows:

Plastic and Rubber Industry

PVC Belt Conveyors are used in today’s industries like the Plastic and Rubber Industry, especially in applications requiring the movement of raw materials. At the same time, they are being pulverized into smaller pieces, hardened in plasticizers, cut and mixed with granular materials, and packaged bagged bulk products.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Most of the medicine manufacturing industry produces in high volume. Within a factory, any production line should have a belt conveyor. PVC Belt Conveyors are widely used to increase products’ conveyance and loading efficiency into or out of a system. It conveys the material for producing various plastic equipment, including syringes, drips, spatulas, etc.

Other industries include the furniture industry, home appliances industry, and much more.

What Precautions do You Need To Follow While Operating Your PVC Belt Conveyor?

While operating a PVC belt conveyor, there are several precautionary measures that you need to follow. The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that the conveyor should not be stopped at any cost.

If the belt gets stuck, or even if it gets torn apart, you shouldn’t try to take anyone inside of the machine for fixing purposes or for any other activity only if he is a professional.

Please stay away from the machine while it is in operation. Keep the children away. Never overload the PVC belt conveyor beyond its load capacity. This will damage the functioning of your machine.

Keep the speed of the PVC belt conveyor within the range specified; more or less, speed affects the functioning of your PVC belt conveyor. Remove dust or dirt particles from your equipment regularly.

Moreover, it would help if you never neglected your regular maintenance schedule. This is because preventive maintenance activities can make your conveyor long-lasting and free from breakage.

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