Yushine provides a high-grade PET Bottle Shredder Machine for Recycling

Yushine Offers Premium PVC Belt Conveyors Designed for

Efficiency and Durability.

  • Conveyor Belts for your Injection Molding Machines
  • Conveyor Belt in Plastic Recycling
  • Conveyor Belts Versatile and Innovative Across Industries
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  • Pvc Belt Conveyor
  • PVC conveyor
  • Plastic belt conveyor
  • PVC belt conveying equipment

Yushine PVC Belt Conveyor Features

Yushine specializes in PVC belt conveyor manufacturing, from design to production, offering straight conveyor belts, inclined conveyor belts, and elevator belts, primarily for the Plastics Industry. Depending on their application, these can be feeding conveyors or transfer conveyors.

  • Made of aluminum, the belt conveyor is very durable and reliable.
  • This highly adaptable aluminum profile allows for quickly adding devices like barcode readers and labeling machines to the conveyor frame. It is adjustable up and down.
  • The brand motor’s default motor speed ratio for ordering is 30:1, and it is adjustable from 5 to 10 meters per minute.
  • Equipped with rolling pulleys, making it easy to move.
  • The belt conveyor’s length can be tailored to meet customers’ requirements.
Conveyor Belts for your Injection Molding Machines

Conveyor Belts for your Injection Molding Machines

Yushine is dedicated to plastic auxiliary equipment and conveyor belts designed for use with injection molding machines. These conveyor belts are an integral part of the manufacturing setup, positioned next to injection molding machines to aid robots in completing the manufacturing process efficiently. Including such belts is crucial for implementing intelligent automation in workshops, significantly enhancing overall production efficiency.

Moreover, several key features are designed to optimize the manufacturing process. Yushine’s PVC Belt Conveyor has an adjustable height setting that allows you to increase the height for as long as 6000mm. The hand shaft helps you customize the length to your requirements. Moreover, with adjustable speed options, you can easily control the delivery efficiency by controlling your robot’s speed. It will directly affect your production efficiency and improve your rate of production.

Conveyor Belt in Plastic Recycling

Yushine belt conveyors could also integrate with a plastic recycling system to cooperate with plastic shredders to feed various plastic scraps. Streamline your production and accommodate large volumes. It could also be customized to your factory requirements and equipped with an automated feeder that effortlessly conveys waste, reducing manual labor and advancing recycling efforts. Known as incline feeder machines, these can be integrated with dust recovery systems, pushing your operations toward full automation. Optimize your material handling to significantly uplift your recycling machine’s efficiency and output, ensuring your facility stays at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing.

Many Yushine customers extensively deploy these conveyor belts to transport crushed powder and granules into the crusher feeder during recycling. This application illustrates how well-suited these conveyors are for handling heavy-duty machinery requirements across various industries, thus emphasizing their strength and flexibility.


Plastic Recycling Conveyor Belt
Wide Range Of Applications

Wide Range Of Applications

Yushine’s conveyor belts are also used in various industries for the following applications.

1. Production of Electrical & Electronic Devices: these belts facilitate the continuous flow of parts, improving productivity.·

2. Assembly of Digital Products: This process requires fast and accurate movement of components.

3. Drying circuit boards: The key objective is to move circuit boards evenly during drying without damaging them.

4. Product Testing: Delivering the products rapidly to the testing stations is necessary for a quick quality assessment.

5. Food Packaging and Transportation: these belts ensure food is packed away from contamination and safely transported.

How to Tailor Your Conveyor System

Yushine conveyor specifications can be customized to meet your specific needs: the direction of belt operation can be either clockwise or counterclockwise; the length of the conveyor is also customizable, with a productive width output, conveyor heights ranging from 750mm to 1800mm, and conveyor speeds from 1 to 15m/min. The belt is a T2.0 green PVC specialized belt. The structure of the machine body is made of aluminum alloy, and the width of the side plates ranges from 200-500mm.

Customization Process: Understand customization requirements, confirm specifications, devise a plan, sign a contract, pay a deposit, manufacture, and arrange logistics and transportation.

Case Demonstration
Width of beltmm300400500600
Length of conveyormm1500/2000/3000/4000/5000
Height of higher-endmm800-1500
Height of lower endmm800-1200
Length of planemm400400500500
Belt descriptionPVC material /2mm  thickness /green color/Heat resistance -10 degree ~+80 degree /Anti-static, wear resistance, oil resistance
Power sourceAC220V50/60Hz
Power capacity0.2KVA




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