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Resin Dryers

Knowing about plastics processing, you would know that the procedure begins with resin pellets. Since there are a variety of plastic resins available in the market, it is important to realize the difference in characteristics.

For a quality control manager, even slight amounts of moisture in the hygroscopic resins can be problematic and result in quality compliance issues.

This is where Yushine’s Resin Dryers come into play with their efficient dryers that ensure there are no traces of any moisture in the plastic resins. Due to the varying types of plastic resins, the selection of a suitable dryer can only be accurate when you’re sure of the type of resin you want to dry. After the identification of the type of the resin, the different types of resin dryers at Yushine will provide you with detailed options for choosing an efficient dryer based on the size of your resin pellets.

Resin Dryer Good Quality

Yushine’s Resin Dryers are renowned for their advanced capabilities of ensuring the plastic resin gets dried completely. Maintaining good quality for the dehumidifiers in the plastics processing industry is extremely important for renowned companies to make sure their market dominance and market presence are not hurt and only appreciate in value. This is why Yushine makes sure that its resin dryers are ideal for plastic processing.

The method of continuously dispersing hot air throughout the machinery provides a unique yet efficient working mechanism to the workers. Moreover, with the energy-saving injection molding machines that have become insanely popular in the fierce plastic processing industry, Yushine plans on replacing traditional high-energy systems with energy-saving solutions that ensure you save 20% ~ 40% energy and avoid the risk of overheating from the different types of blower failures.


  • The compact design of dehumidifying resin dryers include everything from a dehumidifier to a loader in its overall design,
  • To ensure that the moisture is eradicated from the molecular levels of the plastic resins, the dryer can reach a dew point of up to -40 (degree Celcius)
  • The full-closed loading system allows the dryer to restrict the materials’ molecules from getting damp again by interacting with air.
ModelDimension HxWxD(mm)Weight(KG)Process Blower (kw)Drying Heater(kw)Capacity ( L )Regeneration Blower(kw)Regeneration Heater(kw)Air Flow
Conveying Blower(kw)Hose Size(inch)SMH Hopper(L)SVH Hopper (L)


Yushine Leading Resin Dryer Manufacturer

For the past 15 years, Yushine has been an expert manufacturer and supplier of resin dryers.

We take pride in claiming ourselves as an ISO-9001 certified company that certifies our quality standards meet that of the international quality standards. Moreover, most of our products have also passed the CE certification.

We provide 18 months of warranty for all of our Resin Dryers and we ensure that if we receive any feedback, they are responded to within 24 hours to ensure your hard work and working efficiency isn’t compromised.

  • All of our products have easy operating mechanisms, so we are regarded as one of the few companies with valuable developmental and designing capabilities for new machines.
  • With our energy-saving mechanisms and space-saving solutions, our customers are provided with the best quality of equipments to maintain their business reputation in the industry and help them skyrocket their sales.
  • We take pride in providing quick and short-time delivery that supports the efficiency levels of our customers with both our quick delivery and industry-standard quality.
  • The unlimited amount of products in our stock help us satisfy your quick delivery needs.
  • You can cater to your customers’ needs without any delay due to our rapid delivery services.
  • Our Motto at Yushine is “Quality First, Customers First, the Credit First”
  • Our products consist of stainless steel designs along with double-layered insulation mechanisms.
  • They are tailor-made for your business if you wish to increase your sales in the upcoming resin drying seasons.
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