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Water Flow Regulators

A water flow regulator is a device that maintains a specific water flow rate, no matter its pressure in the supply line. The regulator comes in multiple sizes and has an array of applications. The regulator closes and opens to ensure water runs at a steady pace.

Water flow regulators are applicable in injection molding. These types of regulators have a unique design that makes them ideal for working with water chillers, mold heathers, and cooling towers.

Furthermore, these water flow regulators can connect to more than one mold connector. The regulators have a flow rate control that allows the regulator to meet the requirements of various working conditions.


At Yushine Plastics, we pride ourselves on manufacturing water flow regulators using high-quality materials. Our craftsmanship shows in the efficiency and function of the water flow regulators.

Choosing us as your primary water flow regulator manufacturer secures multiple benefits, including reliable service from your device. Moreover, we provide you with regular maintenance and instruction for the device’s proper function.

Since it is part of our plastic auxiliary equipment line, we test and ensure that the device works properly before shipping it off to you. Rest assured that our goal is to provide you with high-quality water flow regulators

Water Flow Regulators Good Quality

Injection molding requires water flow regulators to work with temperature control units, portable water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, and portable air-cooled chillers. The regulator monitors open and closed cooling circuits.

We have a wide range of water flow regulators ideal for multiple applications. However, each of the regulators offers numerous benefits to manufacturers in the injection molding industry. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy To Clean Designs

Injection molding and extrusion can get messy. Moreover, your equipment is susceptible to dust and debris as it runs in the warehouse. We understand this and strive to manufacture good equipment that facilitates easy cleaning.

All our water flow regulators are easy to clean. Cleaning ensures that the device functions properly and puts your mind at ease. Using well-maintained devices inspires confidence. The design also facilitates easy maintenance.

Best of all, you won’t need special cleaning supplies or services. This is something you can train a worker to handle every other while.

  • High-Quality Materials

Making equipment that touches any type of moisture calls for high-quality materials. Water and oxygen cause oxidation which is bad for metallic equipment. Rusting causes the equipment to run less efficiently. Additionally, you will need replacements as the parts start to wear.

Our water flow regulators have internal brass components which are highly resistant to rust and wear. This keeps your device running for a long time with no rust, wear, or deformation incidences.

  • Leak -Tested

As part of our plastic auxiliary equipment, our water flow regulators receive regular testing before shipping them to your warehouse. This is our way of quality testing each device to ensure you only receive high-quality equipment.

We test all our water flow regulators to ensure they function correctly. On top of that, we look for any signs of leaking. Leaking is the primary threat in water-based devices. Therefore, we ensure that your device is entirely leak-proof.

We reassure all our consumers that Yushine only manufactures high-quality equipment. The test is just mandatory to confirm that it works well.

  • Accuracy

Some manufacturers put out highly-functional water flow regulators. Then they start to malfunction, and you notice less and less optimization in the injection molding process. You can avoid this unfortunate incident with our water flow regulators.

Our design is centered on accuracy, plus long-lasting services. We ensure that your devices are accurate and give you optimum regulation during every process. Furthermore, you can rely on this accuracy for years to come.

We are dedicated to providing our consumers with the most accurate water flow regulators that remain this way for long-term use.

  • Easy Functionality

Are you worried that your operators might not get it right away? Some equipment in the injection molding process requires consistent training for operation. This often puts one employee at the center of running the device.

This is not ideal because it leads to downtime if the operator fails to show up. The alternative is training more workers, which can be time-consuming and expensive. As manufacturers, we considered this problem and found the most suitable solution.

The design of all our water flow regulators has the workers in mind. The simple design makes the operation effortless and quick to learn. Anyone in the warehouse should be able to operate the device with just a little training.

  • Simple Installation

And speaking of simplicity, this is not the device you will spend the whole day trying to incorporate into the injection molding process. It is easy to install with just a few instructions to follow.

Moreover, choosing Yushine as your trusted manufacturer for plastic auxiliary equipment means you have access to our installation services as well. We can get you installed and ready to work in no time.

  • Optimize Operations

And finally, thanks to all the wonderful features of our water flow regulators, you will be able to optimize operations during plastic injection molding. Many experts agree that water flow regulation is the key to successfully optimizing processes.


Our water flow regulators have great expandability that tailors to clients’ requests. This structure is also ideal for long-term use, while the mounting and dismounting design makes maintenance fast and easy.

The flow rate is easily adjustable so workers can meet different demands. You will see the temperature and flow rate functions clearly to allow workers to adjust the rate accordingly. And the precise adjusting valve makes this process more accurate.

The regulators can alert workers when there is clogging in the circulation loops, so your family only manufactures defect-free products.



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Yushine Leading Water Flow Regulator Manufacturer

Our mission is to provide you with valuable plastic auxiliary equipment for plastic injection molding and extrusion purposes. We are a leading manufacturer of water flow regulators required for these activities.

Therefore, partner with us for this and other important equipment. Remember, we manufacture high-quality products at affordable pieces.

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