How Gravimetric Blenders Cut Labor Costs in Injection, Extrusion, and Blowing Industries”

How to utilize a gravimetric blender to save labor costs so as to realize factory automation production for injection extrusion and blowing factory. So let’s talk about the gravimetric blender configurations and it is controlled through a PLC control system.

Gravimetric Blenders

The PLC controls the blending process by monitoring the weight of each material being added and adjusting the flow rate of each component as needed to achieve the desired ratio.
And it will blend as the proportional mixture and dose the additives automatically. You only just need to input the figures on the touchscreen interface. The machine is applied to the most advanced calculation, in the case of self-optimization and self-calibrating dosing. When it’s working, pull the side-mounted dosing valve, and the mixing ratio of the components falls on pre-programmed into the weighing bin.

"Exploring Gravimetric Blenders: Components,

Besides, its anti-vibration function also ensures the optimum accuracy of the recipe.
For a lower percentage of less than 5%, then adopt the screw metering valve to make the components fall into the weighing bin and through the weighing sensor to properly control the accuracy, then to the mixing chamber. And after evenly mixing, the mixing materials will go into the storage bin. Then after it is stirred evenly for a certain set time, Our material passes through a discharge valve underneath.
Our materials will be stored directly in our storage bucket. And then transport it from our storage to our machine for use.

If combined with our central feeding system, In this way, the factory can be fully automated, a One-stop solution for material handling, leading to cost savings and improved overall factory automation production.

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