Professional Injection Molding Chiller Supplier in China

YuShine offers an injection molding chiller that can provide stable pressure.It also helps in increasing the injection molded product’s quality.We can manufacture based on your specifications. 

• Precision temperature control

•Convenient to use and low maintenance

•Energy effect and cost-saving

• Customizable based on your requirements

YuShine Injection Molding Chillers

YuShine is an injection molding chiller manufacturer for over 10 years. We provide different types of chillers for plastic process, injection molding process, die cooling, and more applications that require a cooling system. We have different types of injection molding chillers such as screw chillers, scroll chillers, centrifugal chillers, rotary chillers, and so on. Our chillers offer accurate cooling temperature, microcomputer control, high cooling capacity, and high performance. YuShine can also provide you with customized injection molding chiller types to suit your requirements.

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Our Wide Range of Injection Molding Chiller

Injection Molding Chillers by Features (4)

Injection Molding Chiller by Capacity (4)

Premier Injection Molding Chiller Solution

Cost and Time Saving

The cooling process in injection molding takes up 80% of the time of the whole process. Therefore, we offer an injection molding chiller that can greatly minimize the cooling time.

Icon for Easy to Use
Easy to Use

YuShine manufactures fully automated injection molding chillers that are microcomputer controlled. It doesn’t need any cooling tower. Therefore, our chillers are convenient to use.

Icon for Efficient Cooling
Efficient Cooling

Our injection molding chillers have an excellent physical feature that helps in increasing heat dissipation area. It also provides an enhanced heat dissipation effect for efficient cooling.

Icon for High-Quality Structure
High-Quality Structure

Our injection molding chillers are made with stainless steel water tanks. It is also available in the powder-coated frame, high-quality evaporator, and condenser for efficient cooling and heat transfer.

Custom Injection Molding Chiller Solution

The cooling process in every injection molding industry depends on the plastic thickness, size, and type. That is why YuShine offers a custom injection molding chiller to meet your specific requirements.

We can produce these chillers based on your specific drawing, cooling capacity, applications, sizes, designs, and materials. YuShine can also customize different chillers according to your pump info and installation needs.

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Custom Injection Molding Chiller Solution
Extensive Injection Molding Chiller Options

Extensive Injection Molding Chiller Options

YuShine manufactures a wide range of injection molding chillers based on its functions and compressor. Below are some of our chiller options:

  • Injection Molding Air Cooled Chiller. These chillers feature fans that force the air to remove heat. It is an ideal solution for stationary cooling because of its easy-to-install properties.
  • Injection Molding Water Cooled Chiller. Water chillers function by pumping water to remove heat. Our water chillers are long-lasting and have a high performance.

Aside from that, we also supply other types of injection molding chillers based on compressor type such as screw-driven chillers, reciprocating chillers, scroll compression chillers, centrifugal chillers, and more.

We can customize injection molding chillers based on your specifications. Send us your inquiries today!

Why Choose YuShine Injection Molding Chillers

Our injection molding chillers can provide accurate temperature control. Therefore, reducing scrap count while allowing you to save cost. These chillers can also reduce production time while providing maximum and consistent plastic part quality.

Aside from that, YuShine offers injection molding chillers that feature less downtime, low maintenance, and excellent heat transfer. We are equipped with an advanced automated production line with a rich-experienced R&D team. Rest assured that YuShine has full capabilities in providing you with custom injection molding chillers!

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Why Choose YuShine Injection Molding Chillers

Why Yushine Chillers For Plastic Injection Molding

Why Yushine Chillers For Plastic Injection Molding
An introduction to injection molding chiller systems

Energy savings of up to 50% and improved temperature control

Includes tiny portable chillers ranging from 1 to 15 tons, followed by bigger portable and central types. These machines are jam-packed with features that are either “firsts” in the field of process chilling, or are still extremely uncommon for smaller chillers, or basic capabilities that are often pricey extras. The most notable of them is variable-speed compressor technology, which has been utilized in the HVAC business for 20 years but supposedly never before in process cooling. The system monitors the process temperature and sends signals to the drive to accelerate or decelerate the compressor.

The new technology uses 30% to 50% less energy than conventional fixed-speed compressors. Other special features include variable-speed condenser fans with permanent-magnet motors, oversized evaporators, electronic expansion valve, compressor soft start, controls with extensive data collection, and remote-communication option for Industry 4.0. These characteristics are believed to work together to achieve extraordinarily tight temperature control of 0.5° F.

YuShine Injection Molding Chiller Features
  • Energy efficient
  • Ozone friendly
  • Microprocessor-based controller
  • Excellent lubrication
  • High-quality body materials
  • Long-lasting equipment
  • Powder-coated
  • Clean energy
  • Easy interface
  • 100% quality and function tested
YuShine Injection Molding Chillers Application
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Injection molding machines
  • Factory furnaces
  • Anodizing plants
  • Medical process
  • Laser technology
  • Blow mold machines
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Food process industry
  • Welding engineering

Custom Injection Molding Chillers to Skyrocket Your Business

Air-Cooled Modular Chiller
  • Highly efficient heat transfer and heat exchanger
  • Microcomputer temperature controller
  • Security and safety protection
  • Stainless steel open tank
High-Speed PE Film Crusher
  • Safe operation and low-noise
  • Aluminum plate heat exchanger
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Available in water and air cooling type
Custom PET Bottle Grinder Machine
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise and large air volume
  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Microprocessor control and easy to operate
Injection Molding Chiller Production Facility

More About YuShine Injection Molding Chiller

Air Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity (KW/hr)
Cooling capacity (Kcal)2700540081001080013500162002160027000
Temperature range (°C)5°C~35°C (Below 0°C can be customized)
Power supply1N~220V 50HZ/60HZ3N~380V/415V 50HZ/60HZ
Total power (KW)1.2522.83.64.755.57.69.8
Compressor type (Fully sealed vortex/piston type)
Compressor input power (KW)0.751.52.2533.754.567.5
Water pump power (KW)0.3750.3750.3750.3750.750.750.750.75
Condenser type(Efficient internally threaded copper pipe sleeve corrugated aluminum fins)
Fan air flow (M3/h)100020003000400050006000800010000
Size (L×W×H, mm)1075×640×11351125×640×12901275×640×14501325×750×14501325×750×14501325×750×14501325×750×14501325×750×1450
Total weight (KG)130155220245265320380450



  • “I purchased injection molding chillers at YuShine that are very easy to install and have a low maintenance cost. These chillers helped in cutting down our manufacturing costs while increasing our productivity. Thank you, YuShine!”

  • “Thank you YuShine for the high-quality injection molding chillers. I received the chillers with multiple protection devices. Now, our chiller machines are running very safely.”

  • “I received my injection molding chillers today! We have tested the machines immediately. I’m so glad that it has low noise operations with a big volume air blower. I am looking forward to making another purchase in your company!”

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