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Plastic Color Mixer

The plastic color mixer is one of the essential equipment of plastic factories/industrial, such as plastic injection molding, plastic recycling, and extrusion industry. At the same time, it is also used in industrial powder metallurgy, chemicals, and so on. Yushine Plastic color mixer is widely used in plastic, rubber, and other industries for mixing, stirring, coloring kinds of raw material and recycled materials.

  • Yushine plastic color mixer’s mixing pail and mixing vane are all made of stainless steel and appearance is polished, which is easy to clean and has no contamination.
  • Yushine plastic color mixer automatic stop device can be set a to stop range from 0 to 300 hours. It is complete evenly mixed in a short time, with low energy consumption and high efficiency.
  • Material discharge outlet has a manual closing plate for easy material clearance
  • Yushine plastic color mixer 24 hours timer to control the mixer’s working time and stop the machine automatically.
Plastic Color Mixer Good Quality

Yushine SVM Series vertical plastic color mixers are mainly used to mix plastics materials of masterbatch, raw materials, and recycled materials.We offer various models of these vertical mixers all of which can be ordered online. For additional details, contact our team freely, as we’d be happy to help you.

Yushine is a professional manufacturer and supplier of vertical color mixers with over 15 years of an experience 1-year warranty, Lifelong maintenance, and any feedback will respond in 24 hours. Yushine color mixers should is 100% trial run and follows the quality control system strictly.

Send us your requirement, we will offer you a quotation as soon as possible.


  • Material hopper and Mixing vane are made of stainless steel, and appearance is polished for easy cleaning, no contamination.
  •  Complete evenly mixed in a short time, Low energy consumption, high efficiency.
  • The material discharging outlet has a manual shut-off plate for easy material clearance.
  •  The auto-stop device can be set within 0-300 hours Safety device provides full protection for the operator.
  • Both the body and its stand are fully welded to ensure a solid structure.
Dimension(mm)Weight(KG)Capacity(KG)Max Throughput
SVM-50KG1.51085×487×86112050250400V50 HZ 3φ

Yushine Leading Plastic Color Mixer Manufacturer

Yushine is the professional enterprise of the domestic brand in plastic & rubber auxiliary machinery fields Plastic Color Mixer. We have many project cases with large-scale companies such as TTI, PHILIPS, Delonghi, Dorel Juvenile, and so on.

Since Yushine has over 15 years of experience in this industry. We assure you that all of our Plastic Color Mixer products are tested and certified in productions.

  • Yushine has passed the ISO9001 international quality system and most of our products have passed CE certification.
  • All the Vertical Color Mixer is an 18-month warranty, and any feedback will respond in 24 hours.
  • Strong abilities in developing and designing new machines that have passed patents for easy operating.
  • Short-time delivery and many products are in stock.
  • Yushine Concepts of “quality first, customers first, the credit first”.

Plastic Color Mixer- The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Nowadays, demand for plastic auxiliary machines has elevated in the marketplace. Yushine is offering a one-stop solution for these auxiliary pieces of equipment that meets the requirements of its clients.

Investors search for machines that are reliable, have high operational capacity, plus require little maintenance. Investors put their investment in such devices to lift their business.

Are you looking for a plastic color mixer that gives perfect output plus saves time and energy? Yushine is providing you with a magnificent plastic mixer to mix all kinds of material raw materials.

Are you ignorant of the product features? No worries! You are at the right place.

Let me introduce you to Yushine’s plastic color mixer.

1. What do you know about a Plastic Color Mixer?

A plastic color mixer is a machine used to mix all kinds of plastic chunks in a short time. Yushine’s plastic color mixer comes in various forms: vertical color mixer, horizontal color mixer, and gravimetric color mixer or blender.

A plastic color mixer consists of a double-layered stainless steel tank to ensure zero pollution in the material or plastic granules. A plastic color mixer provides fast mixing of plastic chunks.

A plastic color mixer tailors a de-attachable beater and a stainless steel stirring space to provide effective cleaning. A plastic color mixer operates with the help of a motor directly installed over it, and the engine has high-efficiency power.

A plastic color mixer comes in a compact design that consumes less room. A plastic color mixer is equipped with robotic stop devices. The minimum time in which a plastic color mixer operates is about 0 to 30 minutes.

A plastic color mixer consists of protection tools that ensure optimal functioning and increase the machine’s lifetime.

A plastic color mixer is used to blend and dehumidify the plastic granules thoroughly. A plastic color mixer mixes the dyed plastic chunks with high rotational speed. A plastic color mixer constitutes the main cylinder, control box, rack, and discharge head.

A plastic color mixer is specialized due to the blending of granule and powder plastic material. A plastic color mixer is used to mix, dehumidify and color PVC, PP, and PR resins.

2. What Are the Characteristics of a Plastic Color Mixer?

Yushine’s plastic color mixer is the equipment used to mix plastic raw materials with the help of blades at high speed. The purpose is to mix and dry the plastic material. The prominent characteristics of a plastic color mixer are as follow:

  • A plastic color mixer contains a stainless steel basin and stirrer. The tank and stirrer are highly polished, which helps in easy cleaning of the equipment.
  • A plastic color mixer consumes a minimal amount of energy. It blends the plastic material in a short time and is highly efficient.
  • A plastic color mixer intake the material with the help of an outlet that makes the material unloading easy.
  • A plastic color mixer is equipped with an automatic setup system which eventually stops after completing the cycle.
  • A plastic color mixer consists of interlocks for safety purposes.
  • A plastic color mixer helps mix the material in a sealed form and avoids the leakage of mixing material.
  • The frame and body of a plastic color mixer are solid, reliable, and welded tightly.
  • A plastic color mixer is easily moveable because of its small and compact design.
  • A plastic color mixer tailors a speed reducer that utilizes a cycloidal pinwheel to make the operation noise-free.

3. How does a Plastic Color Mixer Work?

A plastic color mixer operates using stainless steel, fast-rotating screws that help in uplifting the plastic raw materials from the base of the hopper tank to the center and then the top of the tank. The plastic chunks then flow and spread back into the base area: the plastic granules and powder mix in the storage bins in a brief period.

The blades of a plastic color mixer rotate at high speed. The masterbatches stir and get warm due to intense rubbing. Through this mixing process, humidity extracted from the plastic material transforms into vapor form, and the plastic material is fully dyed and dried.

4. What Are the Safety Measures to Follow when Using a Plastic Color Mixer?

Yushine’s plastic color mixer is an excellent machine to mix color in the plastic material thoroughly. The various safety methods which are necessary when using a plastic color mixer are as follow:

  • Properly inspect a plastic color mixer machine before giving it an initial push.
  • Inspect the tank and stirrer before giving an initial push. Clean the storage bin and stirrer to avoid pollutants.
  • Properly check the inflexibility and rigidness of the safety switches of a plastic color mixer.
  • Carefully add an adequate amount of color in the processing plastic material to avoid sprinkling of color outside.
  • Close the cover of the stainless steel tank and the motor before starting it. Check for the controlled mixing process within a set time.
  • Avoid putting your hands into the plastic color mixer during running time. If you want to inspect the processing material, stop the motor and then carefully review it for quality production.
  • If you desire to clean your plastic color mixer, firstly, shut down the machine and then wash it.
  • When a plastic color mixer machine is facing faulty noise and halts, the operator has to properly inspect and clean the devices that ensure zero thick dust layers production.
  • When you give a start-up push to a plastic color mixer, wait for some time, and after few minutes, add material into the storage bin for productive operation.
  • Before using a plastic color mixer, properly check the stirrer to see if the lubrication is required or not and inspect the rigidity of blades to provide effective and noise-free functioning of a plastic color mixer.
  • Avoid opening the protective housing of a plastic color mixer during working to avoid hazards.

5. What do you know about the Maintenance Tips of a Plastic Color Mixer?

A plastic color mixer is a piece of equipment specifically designed to mix, dye, and dehumidify the plastic granules for a quality product. Here are some techniques which you must follow which increase the lifespan of a plastic color mixer. These are:

  • To make your plastic color mixer durable and high operation, keep a plastic color mixer clean and quickly repair the faults if seen in the device.
  • The mixing stirrer or a paddle of a plastic color mixer must be mounted in a stable way and tightly to hinder the deformation and scaling of the working parts.
  • When the cycle is about to clean, or the mixer machine needs to shut down, remove the plastic granules from the storage bin of a plastic color mixer and clean the left residual plastic powder.
  • To increase the lifespan of a plastic color mixer machine, clean and cover it with the help of a water-proof piece of cloth and alcohol cloth.
  • Regularly inspect the various parts of a plastic color mixer, such as bearings and shafts, to see if they are working correctly in an efficient way or not for a stable performance. When you encounter any defect in these parts, repair them at once to avoid further devastation.
  • Lubricate the speed inhibitor of a plastic color mixer machine with lithium grease after few months to increase the bearing life of the appliance.
  • Switch off a plastic color mixer when used for a longer time to bring the temperature of the machine to balance.
  • Carefully inspect the locking screws of a speed reducer used in a plastic color mixer to avoid sparkling.

6. What do you know about Yushine’s Gravimetric Blender or Mixer of a Plastic Material?

Yushine’s gravimetric mixer adopts a PLC control system for reliability and convenience. Its purpose is to mix more than one material present in different ratios and used in plastic injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion.

Yushine’s gravimetric mixer or blender consists of a data saver device for a permanent period. It is helpful in quality management. A gravimetric mixer or blender of plastic material is equipped with advanced control algorithms to prevent the shaking of the machine for proper operation.

A gravimetric mixer or blender of a plastic color material is uniquely designed with an alarm system in the form of sound and light to set a record.

A plastic color gravimetric mixer or blender parts are made of stainless steel material to prevent contamination of the inside material and the machine itself.

7. What Are the Advantages of Using a Gravimetric Blender for Plastic Material?

A gravimetric mixer or blender of plastic material is fantastic due to some advantages which help in easy coloring, dyeing and extends the service life. The benefits of a gravimetric plastic material blender are as follow:

  • The main advantage of a gravimetric blender is that it has the capacity to operate using 3 or 4 components at one time.
  • It offers straightforward and simple operation due to the sensitive man-touch screen and three-language switching.
  • It also uses a multilevel password protection system for reliable performance.
  • A gravimetric blender for a plastic color material consists of a feet frame that installs directly in or on the machine.

8. What do you know about Plastic colorants in a Plastic Color Mixer?

Yushine’s plastic color mixer consists of additives such as plastic colorants for easy coloring and dyeing of the product. Plastic products are not present in a colored form. Plastic granules are mostly colorless present in a milky-white form.

Plastic colorants are good at improving the quality of a product being processed in the plastic color mixer. Plastic pigments significantly increase the function of a product. These colorants increase the conductivity of plastic products.

Plastic colorants are helpful in protecting plastic products. For example, the surface of the product is given a black color to protect it from harmful UV radiations and to avoid alteration of the inside content of the plastic material.

9. What Are the Different Types of Colorants added to a Plastic Color Mixer?

Yushine’s plastic color mixer machine uses plastic colorants in the processing of plastic material such as granules and plastic powder. These plastic colorants are available in different forms to dye the plastic raw material present in the loader or 304 stainless steel tank.

The various types of plastic colorants used in a plastic color mixer are as follow:

  • Masterbatches
  • Dry pigment coloring
  • Colored pellets
  • Paste colors
  • Compound colors
  • Solvent coloring

These plastic colorants are added in the plastic color mixer for thoroughly blending the material mix with the original, natural plastic resins to produce high-quality and effective plastic products.


Masterbatches colorants are present in resins form. These color additives are mixed in a high concentration. Masterbatches coloring has the ability to transform the color tone by balancing the number of such resins with natural pellets.

Masterbatches coloring features excellent, even, and decent coloring and diffusion. Masterbatches coloring in a plastic color mixer offers quite a simple handling and operation.

Dry Pigment Coloring

Plastic colorants in a plastic color mixer come in a dry form by mixing dry pigments with metal soaps. Dry pigment coloring is pocket-friendly to be used in a plastic color mixer machine.

Dry pigment coloring of the plastic material has some opposing sides, such as scattering of this pigment pollute the machinery and the processing material and is difficult to measure.

Paste Colors

The additives such as paste colors are present in a liquid form to give attractive coloring to a plastic processing material. Paste colorants are used when plastic pellets are present in a liquid state. Paste colors or fluid master batching is famous for offering suitable viscosity.

Colored Pellets

Colored pellets are the additives used in a plastic color mixer to dye the plastic material stored in the stainless steel tank.

The concentration of a colored pellet is the same from the starting to the end. Colored shells add the benefit that these pellet resins do not require mixing with natural, original shots. Colored pellets are easy to mix, produce the high-quality and stable desired product in a short time.

Compound Colors

Compound colors are vital in a plastic color mixer machinery to dye plastic granules, raw plastic material, and pigment mix to produce colored plastic pellets.

Solvent Coloring

Solvent coloring for plastic material uses pigments or additives which dissolve in a liquid (solvent) and then spread over natural plastic pellets before going into injection molding machines.

10. What Are the Different Methods of Coloring Applied to the Plastic Material?

Yushine’s plastic color mixer uses plastic colorants as additives to mix the processing material loaded in the tank. Here, you will encounter primary two methods of coloring the material, which is as follow:

  • External coloring method
  • Internal coloring method

External Coloring Method

External coloring of plastic raw material means coloring the exterior surface of the plastic product. The external coloring method is applicable for plastic plating, coating, and the printing process.

Internal Coloring Method

Internal coloring of the plastic raw material such as granules and powder adds color to the material by diffusion method. In the internal cooling process, color spreads evenly in the material.

11. Name the Essential Components Used in a Plastic Color Mixer?

A plastic color mixer is a device designed for dyeing plastic chunks beautifully. A plastic color mixer operates with the help of parts equipped with it for efficient performance. The main components used in a plastic color mixer as listed below:

  • Handle
  • Cover
  • Barrel
  • Locking screws
  • Material outlet valve
  • Speed reducer
  • Motor
  • Frame
  • Electrical control box
  • Stainless steel stirrer

12. What Are the Applications of a Plastic Color Mixer?

Yushine’s plastic color mixer minutely pays attention to color mixing in a short time and is reliable for providing the utmost quality product. Yushine’s plastic color mixer is widely used in many sectors and applications such as:

  • A plastic color mixer uses colorants in window productions for optimal performance.
  • A plastic color mixer is used in automotive industries.
  • A plastic color mixer is used in sanitary industries.
  • A plastic color mixer is used in toys industries meant for kids.
  • A plastic color mixer is used in medical sectors for hygienic purposes.


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