Yushine provides high-grade Effective Gravimetric Dosing Systems

The SGB series gravimetric blenders offer full automation, ensuring accurate blending of materials based on their weight.

Yushine vacuum conveying system is mainly used for transferring bulk materials such as plastic resins and powders to one separate or two and more stations for plastic. Yushine vacuum conveying system includes YAL-G single station separate vacuum loader, self-contained loader, vacuum powder loader, 2 stations central loading system as well as stainless receivers.

Yushine vacuum hopper loaders adopt highly powerful induction copper coil motors and could feed the virgin or recycled plastic granules in a stable way.

Yushine, as an experienced plastic processing equipment manufacturer, always takes our customers first. There is also a wide range of hoppers and receivers for your need, and all the receivers are filterless, featuring vacuum and photo sensor 2 types with central cyclone and filter located on the pump frame.

We use advanced technology and processes in vacuum conveying system production. Let Yushine custom your particular needs. Send us your inquiries today!

YAL-G Separate vacuum hopper loader is designed for long distances conveying of plastic materials with one stage or two-stage to extruding, and blowing machines and especially for injection molding machines. This vacuum loader is available from the power 1HP to 15HP. And the loading distance could be at least 4m.
Each unit is equipped with a vacuum hopper and sensor hopper.

Self-contained hopper loaders are used to transfer pellets, regrind them automatically, and are easy to install and use. The Plastic Pellets can be efficiently transferred to the drying hopper.

Adopt a carbon brush or induction motor convenient to operate and self-cleaning function

Vacuum Loader for Powder

Adopting a double-stage blower with high vacuum pressure is designed to convey plastic powder granules efficiently. The stainless-steel hopper receiver uses a built-in filter pulse dust removal device with a visual window that offers you automatic feeding and a self-cleaning device for optimal filter cleaning.

Highlights of Vacuum Conveying Systems

Efficient and Fast
Efficient and Fast

Vacuum conveying systems can move large amounts of material quickly and efficiently, making them a good choice for applications where speed is important.

Superior SUS304 Materials
Easy to Control

Vacuum conveying systems can be easily controlled and adjusted to suit the specific requirements of a given application. This makes them highly flexible and adaptable.


Vacuum conveying systems are designed to be safe and easy to use, with minimal risk of injury or accidents.


Vacuum conveying systems are typically more cost-effective than other types of material handling equipment, making them a good choice for applications where budget is a concern

Better to Know our Feeding and Conveying System

YAL-300G/400G series hopper loaders are used to transfer plastic pellets and regrind to the drying hopper or injection molding machines automatically. It has an easy-to-read interface with a large air volume and auto-cleaning function. Equipped with an Alarm for material shortage with low noise and long service life.

For long-distance material conveying, the YAL-G series separate single-station hopper loaders are properly, then delivered to the injection molding machines, or blow molding and extruders.

As for The YAL-UGP series, the single station powder hopper loader, It adopts negative pressure pneumatic to feed whether virgin or regrind plastic granules, featuring an LCD microcomputer controller for convenient operation; It features pulse compressed air reverse cleaning facilities to make sure self-auto cleaning with standard European advanced design and functions.




Yushine Vaccuum Loaders for Plastic Pellets and Powders
Yushine Vacuum Conveying styeme application

OEM & ODM Vacuum Conveying System for Various Applications

Yushine Line of Vacuum Loaders is applied to Material Conveying, which could transport bulk materials into a plant from process to process. Whether directly mounted on the injection molding machine or long-distance transport, it is important to choose reliable vacuum loaders and material conveying systems, and it also includes powder conveying systems.

To better help companies find the best solutions in a variety of applications, choose Yushine self-contained hopper loaders and central vacuum receiver facilities throughout the plastics and injections as well as blowing molding machines.

Yushine’s experience in engineering and vacuuming produces top-tier results with minimal maintenance necessary. These systems allow users to up their production output which can result in a higher net profit from sales in the long run due to Yushine’s careful attention to detail and innovative engineering solutions for the conveying system industry.

Why Choose Yushine Vacuum Conveying

Why Choose Yushine Vacuum Conveying
Vacuum Conveying

Yushine Vacuum Conveying System is the ideal solution for any material handling needs. Not only can Yushine handle a wide range of materials with high efficiency, but its innovative design also creates a cleaner and more efficient working environment for users. Yushine’s vacuum conveying technology allows for quick and gentle handling of fragile construction items, reducing breakage.

Yushine also offers a customizable system that enables users to configure their own conveyor belt speed and pressure settings, ensuring the most efficient use of resources. Yushine stands out among competing products because it offers superior flexibility with regard to size, speed, and application type. It is both easy to install and convenient to use – you won’t be disappointed when you choose Yushine Vacuum Conveying!

Let Yushine support your custom vacuum conveying system journey. We promise to do our best in upgrading and elevate your brand. Contact now!

Advantages of a Yushine Vacuum Conveying System
  • Dust Free Transfer of Powder. As opposed to positive pressure conveying leakage in a vacuum system is inward. This means a dust-free environment.
  • Easy to Clean.YAL-G  Vacuum Conveying System offers quick take-apart without tools.
  • Small Foot Print. Using a Vacuum conveyor the tubing or hose takes up little or no floor space within your facility
  • Efficient conveying method of powders
  • Easy to install. All YAL-G systems are pre-assembled and shipped for easy installation when it arrives at your factory. Most YAL-G Vacuum Receivers are equipped with a suspension frame that allows for support from above or below.
  • Low Power Consumption.
Vacuum Conveying Loader
  • The stainless steel SUS304 hopper makes sure no contamination
  • Warning for material shortage and overload
  • Perfect drying and feeding system structure
  • Schneider electric parts to ensure stable performance
  • Auto cleaning and dust removal devices
Plastic Auxiliary Processing

More About YuShine Vacuum Conveying System

Conveying Systems

ModelmotorDimension(mm)(H)X(W)X(D)Weight(KG)Output Capacity(kg/hr)Storage Hopper(L)VoltageMotor TypeConveying Pipe Diameter(inch)
SAL-300C1.15595×300×3951318061∅,230V,50HZCarbon brush1.5
ModelPower(HP)Conveying Capacity(kg/h)Vortex Pump Power(kw)Vortex Pump Voltage(v)Suction Tube Diameter(mm)Absorb Tube Diameter(mm)
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