The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Plastic Shredders and Their Distinction from Crushers

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Plastic Shredders

Yushine is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality plastic auxiliary equipment, including plastic crushers and plastic granulators. Below the video is our soundproof plastic crusher.

What are plastic shredders?

A plastic shredder is a type of environmental protection shredding machine designed to reduce the volume of solid waste. It is used for shredding high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic products and materials, which aids in the recycling process and the production of recycled plastic granules.

Plastic shredders work by the interaction between moving and fixed blades, and the output particle size is controlled through a screen. This process involves shredding, shearing, and squeezing the material to reduce it to a smaller size. Plastic shredders are commonly used for finely breaking down various types of solid waste, enabling the processing of materials into smaller sizes in one pass. They are extensively used in fields, such as resource recycling, production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), and waste volume reduction. Key characteristics of these shredders include their ability to produce small particle sizes, the option to replace screens, wide applicability to different materials, and high operational efficiency.

Their Distinction from Crushers?

Although shredders are classified as low-speed shear-type crushers, their structure consists of two knife shafts and specially designed blades. They function through shearing, tearing, and squeezing to reduce the size of materials. This design allows for effective size reduction by directly cutting and processing the materials, distinguishing these shredders from other types of crushing machinery.

Types and Uses of Plastic Shredders?

Shredders are low-speed, high-torque machines equipped with knife rollers. They are designed to break down large objects into smaller, irregularly shaped pieces, with the resulting fragments typically ranging in size from 20mm to 200mm, or even larger. Shredders are specialized machines for crushing solid waste and typically come in various specifications such as double-shaft, single-shaft, and four-shaft shredders.

Common uses of shredders include:

  1. Reducing the space occupied by garbage, thereby lowering the cost of transporting household waste;
  2. Shredding paper or confidential documents to make them unreadable and unrecognizable;
  3. Crushing waste plastic before cleaning and recycling;
  4. Destroying counterfeit products, substandard goods, and electronic hard drives;
  5. Reducing the volume and size of bulky trash and industrial hazardous waste.

In conclusion, Shredders are low-speed, high-torque devices used for recycling waste materials like plastics and tires into smaller pieces, while crushers are used for further reducing materials into fine particles. Shredders, including single-shaft, double-shaft, and four-shaft variants, tear materials into irregular sizes (20- 200 mm or larger), mainly processing high-strength, large, and heavy materials. In contrast, crushers, operating at high speed, are for materials already shredded into blocks, further reducing them below 20mm for reprocessing.

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